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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Rise of the Black Suits"

Young aggressor, born into the life of crime
I would walk down the streets strapped with two nines
(*##$ smacking, jacking ^!$$%s, G dub stacking figures

Police drive by, I was click clacking triggers
Jay3 De Lucas put me with the fam to grow
I was a boss amongst white boys rocking the flow

I had hoes, bankrolls and minks by the dozen
My rides the [?] quick, they just wasn't
Trying to make me a made man, they $#[email protected] up the game plan

I blacked out on them and started my own clan
Black Gambino, black suits, black Syndicate
My crime fam was tight, every move was intricate

The [email protected]%!e was brought in from by bad Columbian mules
Gorgeous women that I draped down in jewels
Streets fight started, mafia wars in Italy

Crime fam against fam and no one could do diddely


Do the dirty work, bring in the [email protected]%!e by the boatloads
Go against the grain, ^!$$%, I feed nose holes

Follow no family rules, rules are for fools
Chase the paper cause it's the cash that rules

$#[email protected] the lord of fam, it's the lord of land
You don't like how I move then try to force my hand

I'm moving keys, them [?] couldn't touch my pianos
Putting pressure on them Gambinis and [?]
They love my money, they hate to see a ^!$$% getting it

Selling drugs is taboo, but I ain't $#[email protected] sweating it
The dirt gotta get done so I took my position
One day I'm just [?] with a lot of ambition

Next I got status, dinners with all courses
Flights in and out of the country, they getting nauseous
Money, power, respect; rise of the black suits

Talk %#@! behind my back, but to my face salute
Hugs and handshakes, they can't stop my reign
Got the coconut, pilots bringing %#@! on their plane

It's a shame, they ain't have the balls to make moves
They [email protected]#(, couldn't walk a mile in my shoes


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Thanks to maria.01215