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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Project Soap Operas"

(feat. Trife Da God, Kryme Life & Tommy Whispers)

[Chorus 1.5X: Trife Da God]
This world is full of shockers, and project soap operas
Episodes of drama, never ending sagas

[Trife Da God]
You know Pudgie, who rock the old rugby, kinda chubby

Timbs always muddy, and his wiz is kinda ugly
Him and his man Dudley got killed in an accident
Late last night, when they was driving down Castleton

The whip was badly crashed, come on, you do the math
They probably smoked a bag, no seatbelts, they flew through the dash
The forecast was foggy, light drizzle, sky; cloudy

Lost control at the wheel, a front pole wrapped they Audi
It was televised, at the scene live, on Channel Seven
Newsflash story, this just in, around eleven

Yellow tape scenery, barricaded the block
Patrol cars and EMS, all invaded the spot
It was tragic, they swerved out of control to a wood traffic

Hopped the curb, tired flatted, glass shattered
Witnesses said they heard a big bang and loud screetches
And Tamika said police found drugs in Pudgie speaker

Plus son had an open case, for dope and base
Jake rushed his moms lab, he got bagged in Ocean Lake

[Chorus: Tommy Whispers]

[Chorus: Trife Da God]

[Kryme Life]
Oh lord, two shots just went off on Broad

I ran out the building, seen my man on the floor
Children running frantic, with fear, all I saw
Was a four door Explorer, made a uey, then pulled off

Miss Gloria screaming, nobody seen him by the store
Beanie and Jamal, freaking on the lawn
Told me, if they get you, call Ruck with the rental

My mental went rushing, who the $#[email protected] was buzzing
Was it them ^!$$%z that we stuck for them hundreds
Or did that (*##$ that we ran a train on, tell her husband

Moving fast, hoping that my man don't past
Heart pumping, eyes closing, yo, he might not last
EMS please hurry, nervous and worried

He's only 19, he's too young to be buried
Got a life ahead of him, Georgia Tech just accepted him
Point guard, but at this point, God

It was heaven and Allah opening gates for the star
It was hard, I couldn't believe, he stopped breathing
Stopped from achieving his dream, now he leaving

Thugs grieve, aiyo, he never slinged a thing
And died over drug beef, it's a ghetto soap opera
Living on these bugged streets, streets, streets

[Chorus: Tommy Whispers]

[Chorus: Trife Da God]

[Tommy Whispers]

Now Barbara need to stop
Always at the kitchen table, lighting up the rocks
While her daughter sit and watch

Cuz her bathroom out of order, gotta knock on Uncle Kevin's door
But it's really scary, cuz he live way on the seventh floor
And she was out on 2, the older brother still in school

But she had to stay home cuz of the flu
Only six, but she more advanced than other little kids
Always wondering, what's going on, outside the crib

So she stepped into the hall, pressed the elevator button
Bumped into this kid, making a sale, it wasn't nothing
So cool, little and frail, but she knew what he was pumping

At the store, he would walk to mommy, and hand her something
And she always gave her money, few minutes after they got back home
She acting funny, attitude getting ugly

So she took the ride up, five floors, knocked on the door quick
Didn't even speak, she just headed for the toilet
After she was done, he told her go to the store, the milk spoiled
Plus we needed some bread and some tin foil
Little girl heart was loyal, so she ran downstairs

Knocked on the door, to get Barbara, but she could not hear
Now she at the corner with nobody to cross her, red light changing
And up come a speeding Explorer..

[Interlude: female]

This is Juwana Brookman, reporting for WTMI
Broadcasting live from Staten Island
What started out as an ordinary day
Ended in a catastrophic three part tragedy
Police officials released information of a brutal car accident

That lead to the death of two men in the Stapleton area
Soon after, a minor was gunned down in front of his aparment building
To add to the travesty, a young girl was a victim of a tragic hit and run
Details of her condition, are still to be
The warrants have issued a 50 thousand dollar arrest

For any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect
If you have any information, we ask that you contact them at
1-800-BE-A-SNITCH, this is Juwana Brookman
Signing off for WTMI News

[Chorus: Tommy Whispers]

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