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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Metal Lungies"

(feat. Sheek Louch, Styles P)
[Intro: sample]
World, world, world, premiere, premiere, premiere

World, world, world, premiere, premiere, premiere

[Ghostface Killah]

What these clown ^!$$%z hollerin'?
What they need to be hollerin', is "There go Theodore!"
Put the ball down, we can't score

They pen %#@! to blackboards, make queens out of wack broads
You see us comin'? $#[email protected] that Fam %#@!, just pass off, you (*##$
Crystal' Dana Dane's wrapped around your neck

Lookin' rich, baow, you $#[email protected] up now
See my gun, ^!$$%? This baby got stuffed uptown
Shouted out, made a whole safe with the pump root pounds

My buddy, keep my gun, right next to my tummy
Ask the click, yo, they spit metal lungies
Detach wigs, kill flunkies off contact, sonsee

Didn't mommy tell y'all ^!$$%z to wear clean undies?
See y'all should of listened to her
She knew her son had a big mouth, and some day death would accur

Please for Ms. Gale's sake, and her seeds
Pass the flurry, ain't $#[email protected]' around, they knocked to her weave

[Chorus: Ghostface Killah]
Uh-oh... (word up) This still... (what you talkin' bout, baby?)
Real kids spit that %#@!..

[Sheek Louch]
Let's go, let's go, let's go, yo, yeah

Me and Starks clear projects parks
With our '93 %#@!, army coat green and light tan Clarks
^!$$%z think I'm lucky, (*##$es wanna $#[email protected] me

And put me in the tub with them like I'm a rubber ducky
I got a revolver in the pump about the size of Chucky
I remember faces easy as I tie my laces

Here, put the metal in your mouth, like you was rockin' braces
I spit an iron lungie, yeah, I'm old school like the Iron Monkey
My %#@! powerful enough to lift a $#[email protected]' donkey

I got heavy chrome, ^!$$%z don't care if you live to die
They happier than Marbury home
Ya'll ^!$$%z better kill me, my street ^!$$%z feel me

Louch gotta eat, ends gotta meet
The hard %#@! you kickin' bout is on beat as Tweet
This is Theodore, D-Block, the year adore

It's son who fall, with the four-four, ^!$$%z like..


[Styles P.]
Yeah... ^!$$% this is Ghost with Ghostface

I don't sell millions but I get millions from the v's who smoke base
Somebody leavin' out with a poked face
Tone, you burnin' to kick his teeth out, and sware don't catch no case

I'mma make you look like you smoke taste, and we don't leave no trace
These rap ^!$$%z sware that they so safe
I don't wanna talk to you holmes, I don't communicate

My guns they in my hand, one in my palm
And I could dial your number, like a smile off the face
With the H.K. 9, I'm the all black hummer

Metal lungies'll spit the grungiest %#@!
Hungriest %#@!, seventeen dummies a clip
Tell them rap ^!$$%z to suck my dick, $#[email protected] the industry

And shift, shut down the store, bust my %#@!
I got some hustlin' $$# ^!$$%z that'll pump my bricks
And some dust head ^!$$%z that'll dump my clips, what?


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