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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Maxine (Rmx)"

(feat. Raekwon)

[Intro: Raekwon (Ghostface Killah)]

You got your hands on Mookie %#@!
(Say word')
We gonna get high

(I don't give a $#[email protected] about them enemies)
He a bird anyway... he be takin his packages... he a snitch too

[Ghostface Killah:]
In Pam's house there was money missin

She was too dumb, had her nose numb, sniffin blow in the kitchen
Her kids never ate, PCW involved with her
Kids that she never seen shipped through to Florida

Maxine dark skinned and bald headed (*##$ mean
Pam's right hand, together they are the coldest fiends
Ah! %#@!! Guess who arrived at the door

It's Moony the supplier swung open the door
(*##$ open the door, Maxine he gon' kill me
Chill I got a friend cop, girl you don't know it's beef

Three long kicks the hinges flew off
Kids screamin' they happy faced slapped blue, Maxine head off
Its on in the crib, you wrong for what you did

You gonna pay Pam, $#[email protected] that boo kissed your kids
You all get the $#[email protected] in the room, $#[email protected] you, you ain't are real Daddy
Next time you see my caddy don't $#[email protected] flag me

(This is where he $#[email protected] up at peep his movement)
Maxine is in the kitchen cryin grits is fallin on the side
She had a cup of lye, somebody gots to die

Uh huh, you all (*##$es $#[email protected] up, smoked out my packages
You had Mackie %#@! and Pappy %#@!...

Word to Aunt May I want mine, pulled out the nine
Get in the tub, he seen the hot iron pulled the plug out

He steamed Pam brought it back to Penny on Good Times
Back in the dollar bill he sniffed like six lines
He put his Gat down, why he do that'

Creepin through the crib is Maxine pot holdin' down with the grits
Pam suckin his dick, Maxine Al Greened him screamin slipped in piss
He ran into Ceasar room, grits down crying aight with his balls out

He stepped on Clarences' Biggie Smalls album
Mookie get that ^!$$%z, Pam yellin, "Rip that ^!$$%!"
Mookie went and got that dye out the kitchen

James jumped on Moon, poked him with a screw driver
Broke the TV ^!$$%z watchin Knight Rider
(This is Pam Jerkins mother house the same %#@! go on in her brother house)

[Ghostface Killah:]
You know Mooney is only a buck o'five wet

He only had two hundred dollars worth of %#@!
And the kids tore his $$# up, the Ceas had a huddle up
I felt sorry form, the funny %#@! when bowlegged Keke hopped on 'im

Jumped on him pigeon toed Mookie poured dye on him
You should've seen his mother$#[email protected] face fryin, half dyin
They stuck a fork through his nuts

The little girl was happy she picked a brotha up
Quick pick the window up Mooney over heard
Right before they threw him out the ^!$$% said "Word!'!"

On the count of three he landed on the first floor balcony
Blood brains splashed.. he was dead' and the cops never came
That's Stapleton

All, all, all in together now
We gettin fresh gettin right for the weather now

And if we fall in the game, yo that's never now
Come to my projects and well air you out

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