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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Marvel"

(feat. RZA)
[Ghf] Yeah
[RZA] Word... these (*##$es be buggin God

Reason why ain't got nuttin to do with nuttin
[Ghf] Yeah, check it out y'all one two
We back up in this joint! What?

Check the fly %#@!... yeah
Don't black out on me

[Verse One: Ghostface]

Yo, black man watch out, she salt-water trout

Al Deuce dug her back out, inside the dugout
Heard the #[email protected] was good, big ^!$$%z fell victim
Mentally stripped em one God turned Christian

She know magic, soakin wet #[email protected] on the matress
Skin like Cleopatra's, the leading actress
She been $#[email protected] since we went to fourteen, look at Miss Thing

With a ponytail kept a jar of Vasoline
She's a big girl now, with a body that growl
Likewise murder trial, smile attract crowds

Most ^!$$%z, would light the lord over this broad
Big ^!$$%z in they drawers pose one knee on the floor
Little kids daydream of humping wildflower

Hanna Barbera faint I'm riding no Rivera

[Verse Two: RZA]

Fat-ass whips big $$#es, colorful lips
Wide hips, baller kits, chrome dipped wearing

blue kicks, plus jeans boomin beats
Loud horn beeps, crowded streets, the fusion yo
the heat is on, never too black or too strong

In one hour Wu-Tang Clan is about to perform
Police barricade, sidewalk crowded like parades
The arena now present, de event of the decade

Long braids and fades, baldheads, spangle waves
extensions, nails Friday, just got paid
Headliner or marquee is the prime time rhyme crime family

That shines Godly light
Upon this hip-hop artform, yo Dunn
We can't be measured by no chart, the God brung

Never bust premature for sure
You want it raw, let me plant my dynamite (*##$
deep inside your core, the explosion stops the menstration

Causes stomach inflation
Patiently waiting nine months for deportation
Of the Earth from the Moon, black woman stay in tune

Yo God, let me pour y'all the science about the womb
It's a black hole for those who lose control
Fertile soil before you are wise

And spoiled many men and took many lives
And all you brothers changed sides
Only worth a decimal compared to those who died inside

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