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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Let's Stop Playin'"

Featuring John Legend

[Chorus: John Legend]

All I'm saying, come here, lady
I can't take it, let's stop playing
Oh, you know, you know

I got no patience, I hate waiting
I can't take it, let's stop playing
Oh, you know, you know

[Ghostface Killah]
Yo, boo, let's cut the crap, you know we like each other

I been wanting you bad, yo, that's word to my mother
I know you got a man, and I'm involved
But we can play this right, if we shuffle the cards

I've been wanting you for mad years, when the elevators broke
I run and help you with your bags upstairs
I was scoping you out, today you was late, to leave by 8

With no time to be at work at 9
She'll be back by 6, son pissed you off, I know
When I spoke, yo, you didn't say %#@!

But still, you was looking mad cute to me
With your lips poked out, being rude to me
You're still sexy, luscious, and all them words

Only girl in the building with a full length fur
Had no choice to raise and press up, explain how I feel
It's only your love I want the best of


[Ghostface Killah]
I had a dream, yo, I seen you on the laundry mat
Folding your clothes by the dryer, my drawers is wet

So you passed me a Bounce, one fell when I bend down
And got up, you start tonguing me down
Butterflies ran across my stomach

Didn't wanna put the fire out, cuz God damn, I love it
Moved the basket out the way, cleared the table
Laid you down, my mouth slid past your navel

Your feet, had knocked over the Clorox bleach
Held my head closer to you when my tongue got deep
I'm saying we both of those, this how I feel

If you don't want a part of me, it's no big deal
But ma, I'm not here to game you, babe, I'm going on vibes
Somewhere inside, I know you feel the same

It's alright tho, you look like, you know how to get it
Here take my keys, come upstairs in a minute


[Hook: John Legend]

Let's stop faking, let's just go get naked
No more discussion, we can get to kiss and hugging
My premonition, told me I got what you're missing

So let's stop playing, baby girl, that's all I'm saying

[Chorus 3X]

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