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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Late Night Arrival"

(feat. Trife Da God, Wigs)


Yeah, son, it's the Einstein Theodore theory, street philosphy
Step foot on our block, there's no way possibly
Guns too big for you, to ever try stoppin' me

Talk out your mouth, you better speak properly

[Trife Da God]

Aiyo, first of all, you ain't worth to brawl
And my fifth, call it the gift, when I curse you all
See I'm a soldier, look at my ranks

On the block, we got that water bubblin' like we cookin' up franks
This is Trife Diesel, get familiar with the name
I'm here, to stay for a while, so steel it in your brain

My guerrillas'll bang, we are the Planet of the Apes
Clips as long as bananas, throw them hammers in your face

[Solomon Childs]
From the land of the pushers, hustlers and handlers
With military, heavyweight standers

Cameras on the cannons, move amongst hoes and gamblers
Empties on my project balconies
My guns vow for me, my (*##$ count for me

I'm royalty, mother$#[email protected] gon' bow to me
20-04, vampires that'll rip off your neck
And eat your garlic, murder, from New York to Charlotte

It'll beat a ^!$$% down like Sonny Carlton, when he ran through a gauntlet

[Ghostface Killah]

Yo, my plate never pork, I sink deep into minds where you can't talk
Cough it up, (*##$, I shine like Chinaware
Shine like the box in the live ball player amped

$#[email protected] Mike Jordan, it's P-Tone in the air
Pullin' over NARCs with mad [email protected]%!e stashed in the spare
Guns and all that, the NARCs said, why you dipped in all black

Said, I'm comin' from a funeral, y'all boys can fall back


It's Wiganomics, I drop like a brick in the third
And y'all fruit cake ^!$$%z think my style's absurd
Only the birds I blow back, Staten Island super gat

Talk is pork, I get that money then stupid stack
Theodore, we state of the art, you wanna keep that
Chain around your neck, you better play your part

Cuz ain't a damn thing sweet, like the Wonka Factory
This the Enterprise/Theodore %#@!, you no match for me

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