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intro - talking:
"your kung fu is good!
your magic is good"

"that's why he waited!
my power had diminished
so he'll have to kill me"

"yes.. but.."
"your kung fu is still good
if you practice again"

[verse 1: ghostface killah]

fierce, i travel across seas on glaciers
4 shoguns that got $#[email protected] by geishas
still gracious, still able to twist out thoughts

just screw up your skin for swimming
with the sharks. broken ankle
$#[email protected] with the wallabee clogs

got them (*##$es still screaming my name
"waddup sean?" i'm a bone-crusher
i just lit your face like a dutch master

no more mixes - polar bears from alaska
with sharkskin air max's and igloos of ice
rocks clumped up like overcooked rice

you the reason why the game was sold
playing ^!$$%s, i come through and cease your ?
like mr. dash, i blast, i'm a menace like dennis

young ghost, in the bathroom a 6-month sentence
rehabilitated, back in the yard, flying heads
with barbed wires, stay tying ^!$$%s to beds

[verse 2: sean price]
everybody get paid

everybody get laid
all these (*##$es' dirty
everybody got aids

everybody get played
everybody get sprayed
everybody do what i say

everybody my maid
b, crack-sellin black felon
that clap "rat tat tat tat tat" melons

some thugs - one gun, one slug
shot-caller, like "yo let me speak to young mugs"
listen, it's mandela par

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