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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Kunta Fly Shit"

[Ghostface Killah]
Yo Lord did you peep that
That ^!$$% #[email protected], that's why I'm gon' eat that

Live and direct, five Tec's, med hat
Hugh Hef' rows, bang on that out of town ^!$$% coz he UFO
Patiently press upon him

Ask him, "who you know? where you from?
What's up Duke?" Watch how you pop ya gum
Empty ya pockets'fore the cops come

When I bus take off past the light that $$# better Run
An' don't look back (no), hide if you have to
Dollar vans, just Run into boats if he have to

Even got a .38, don't give me no hastle
When that little brown book in your pocket read Mathew's
Jesus Christ, brothers around here stick together like cheap rice

So Run little doggy, wolves is comin'
Tell him London, he get done in
Flame boy to his brains, hangin' out his onion

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