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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Killa Lipstick"

(feat. Method Man, Masta Killa)

[Intro: Ghostface Killah]

Yeah, yeah... we gon' high to this
(The world's crazy, son yeah... you know)
We gon' high to this (just something about her)

My girl's a killa, my girl's a killa
(You know, her bag was always heavy, everytime I been around it)
We gon' high to this (and diners, and restaurants, I don't know)

Yeah... yo...

[Ghostface Killah:]

Aiyo, I couldn't get enough from the way she smell
Was it Baby Phat, J.Lo, or straight Chanel
Her face belongs in a Luther video, Never Too Much

The way she smile, her face look pretty, though
Hands is soft, feet, no calysses
Her father owned six pallets in palaces

Laying out in New York, crush villas in Vegas
Greatest designer wear, son, she sport the latest
So I, pause the smooth talk, made her a drink

Blew her a kiss, as I sat down, she smiled and winked
Stood up, grabbed my hand, what up, slid ya boy to the bedroom
Popped the suitcase, I'm in the lead room

This check was loaded, equipped, with fifths
Porcelain handles with horse back kicks, whispered
"You know what, Ghost, I do hits" But ^!$$%s get fooled

By the sexyness, I'm a real gritty (*##$

[Chorus: Method Man]

Killa Lipstick, my femme fatale, with the biscuits
A hit chick, now I'm number one on her hitlist
She killing the game, cause she the business

Type of chick that love you to death, then leave no witness
Killa, I call you Killa cause you slay me
Killa, you murda, mami? Ooh, you such a $#[email protected] lady

Killa, drive me half crazy, let's go half on this baby
Killa Lipstick, k-k-killa

[Ghostface Killah:]
Yeah, this white chick Everlay, she smell Downy
Had her best friend named Jade, from Rockland County

Double [email protected]%!eheads who love cartoons, type chicks who eat #[email protected]
Listen to Prince and play with they wombs
Flight attendant out of Delta Airline, get money girls

Travelled the world, only one did jail time
Jade, her father's a judge, same ^!$$% in the O.J. case
When he tried on the glove, but uh, in this scenario, four A.M.

The bars closed, now we at it again
Drunk ^!$$%, come out I'm popping mad %#@!, he's past it
Nancy Drew, drew out her purse, the blue steel ratchet

Didn't even say %#@!, she blasted, barrel smoking
Shot the Henny out his hand for laughing
These are my (*##$es, Nancy and Jade

Natural born killas be letting they guns blaze... god damn!


[Masta Killa:]
Look she tired of the same old basic, let's face it

This is how she wants to be laced, I'm raping it
Anywhere, I'm taking it, she loving how the gangsta flex
This is thug sex, Iking it, nasty talk

As she liking it, spanking it, she biting the sheets
She's a freak, my view from the embassy suites
Is off the beach shore, Dirty would've love you, mami

'You like it raw? ' A tear drop, $#[email protected] you slow
I see your knees knock, your love is so sweet
If I switch beats, and hit you with angles, you might breathe

You know the Godbody make healthy wise seeds
You, plus a glass of weed, is all he need
You could travel so far, look, maybe book a flight to Mars

To escaping at, one forty two?
They take Jet Blue for two, into Long Beach
Rain lifted whipping the port, from when I touch

Look something nice up in the stash, hit a Dutch


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