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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Interlude 1"

Yo.. one-two..
Yo; aiyyo he said I had fly ankles
Plus my bangles was star-studded out, Ice cut it out!

Everytime we attend somewhere, you act real terribly
You %#@! on ^!$$%z too much you start to worry me
You switch up, last week you burned a old lady's retina

I thought them thick [email protected][email protected] bottle jammies might protect her
But it didn't Pah, the lady's blind and it's all your fault
It went down to jury court and you walked

On stage you $#[email protected] with ^!$$%'s faces, glaciers
Hittin off with Cristal bottles, bing wind up in the [email protected]&(t
Very expensive championship

Chip Rocks known for his wedding day, (*##$es give you props
Look you tied a knot, understand you hot; you got my man popped
in the most famous era, like when "Play the Fool" dropped

Waves and blue tops, raise the roof off the group
Them days, the black and red MJ's, I was loose!

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