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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Handcuffin' Them Hoes"

[Ghostface Killah]
Yeah, yeah
Yeah I cheat and I $#[email protected] other (*##$es

Y'all just lame sucker-for-love $$# ^!$$%z
Su.F.L.A.N! Go ahead and spell it out
I gets my love game on without a doubt

My girl know I'm live (yeah) point blank period
Handcuffin them hoes y'all can't be serious
You ain't cut from the right cloth, $#[email protected] your rag

One word in your (*##$ ear, she all in the bag
Give a $#[email protected] if that's your broad, she shouldn't be out
We in the club lookin to put somethin fat in her mouth

Easy! Hold on, I see a fox comin
Between now and a few hours I'll be up in her stomach
And I ain't even gotta be dipped

I pull out my pocket too Sloppy Joe, mixed this thick
You ever try foldin a brick?
Tryin to shove hundred dollar bills in your jeans and half of it rip?

We them Staten Island boys, intelligent thugs
9 out of 10 times yeah we lookin to $#[email protected]
And y'all already word know what it is

On some Teena Marie %#@!, nucca, I'm talkin square biz

[Chorus: Ghostface]
Y'all need to stop handcuffin them hoes
Comin in the club handcuffin them hoes

You don't even know 'em handcuffin them hoes
Cuffin them hoes, cuffin them hoes

[Jim Jones - talking over Chorus at first]
Whassup Ghost?

Sucker! I hear you Ghost

F.EM.L, $#[email protected] 'em and we leave 'em (I'm gone)
P-I-M-P, treat 'em like we great 'em (ya hear that?)
%#@!, treat 'em like we don't need 'em

Cause after we $#[email protected] 'em out the phone we delete 'em (doop doop)
Leave 'em for them suckers, let them other ^!$$%z keep 'em (you can have her)
They keep 'em to the point that we don't see 'em (where'd she go?)

%#@!, but the (*##$es need freedom
They wanna come outside and start freakin (AOW!)
Jumpin on dick like they leapin (watch it) it's Leap Year [laughin]

She disappearin for the weekend (where she went?!)
So hell yeah she starts creepin
You had her locked up like she was livin in precinct (prisoner!)

She want a gangster, ^!$$% youse a weakling
She wanna ride fast in the cars while we chiefin (vroom vroom)
Just cause you was cuffin the hoe

I had $#[email protected] her one time now I'm duckin this hoe
Please in your mind, never drop a dime but
Damn, ain't that some %#@!?

And I just wanted to have a good time
Now I got a hoe on my line, buggin!
Slow down


[Jim Jones - over Chorus]
Stop cuffin these hoes
Stop cuffin these hoes


[Jim Jones - over Chorus]
Stop cuffin these hoes
Stop cuffin these hoes

Let her go!

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa