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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Guns N' Razors"

(feat. Trife Da God, Cappadonna & Killa Sin)

[Intro: Ghostface Killah]

Oh %#@!, look at them, they running on foot
They picked the car up, they on some Flintstone %#@!
Oh %#@!... and them ^!$$%z stuck together

On some Siamese %#@!... yo

[Ghostface Killah:]

Yo, classic murders, slick gun material
Burnt up bodies that rock with no burial
Hammers that hardly work, go to work

Like a slave on a hot day, with no water
Blow you for props, in the cop's face, might get knocked up
Jakes that play hero, they can get popped up

Face fallin' off they cheekbone, gotta take meat
From they $$#, to sow it back, I'm a beast, holmes
It's ground beef, in the streets, so we street's clone

Like fresh fruit, from a tree, so the heat's blown
Your momma missing, your boys are crying
Cut ya balls out your [email protected]*%, the chinks are buying

%#@! bags is like gift bags, you get it for free
If you master fronting, classic cutting
You keep stunting, them gem star'll rip something

Look homey, it's the bloody sweepstakes
Glove club you down in the club, how you like that, sweet cakes?

[Trife Da God:]
Yo, it was a minute after twelve, when the tragedy struck
^!$$%z emptied on son, and left 'em leaning right in Valerie's truck

The red Cherokee blood was pouring out his head heavily
The only motive for murder was wetter, either jealousy
The found him slumped over the wheel, horn blowing

Bullet holes showing, property stolen, motor still going
Driving side door, waves scoping, the window is broken
Glass back and shredded his grill, his collar was soaking

He probably knew the killas, cause they jinxed him with ease
Cops hold the perimeter, thirsty, looking for leads
Knocking on doors, questioning tenants, the lieutenant

Was the first to arrive on the scene, he knew he was finished
DeWayne Roberts knew him in college, mid-twenties
Stopped being brolic, V.A. driver's license in his wallet

The last call on his mobile phone was back to home
Sorry, Miss Amonia's son was found dead with two in his dome

This be the bird's eye view of things, look how we doing things
We stick ^!$$%z up and we take they rings

Mission Impossible, Theodore Unit, we unstoppable
Spit razors out of our mouth and start chopping you
Bank robbers, blood jakes out with the obstacle

Ropes hanging down from the roof, my parachute
Soaking water, heat smoking, we scrape and we Pillage, man
Wherever we broke in, Theodore, pulverize

Boat rides and tours, smashed 'em in the crib with they coconut straws
Dudes step off the scene, black face and four-four
The CREAM that we stack up, cake and [email protected]^%s

[Killa Sin:]
Cash in abundance, the cats that I run with

Got gats at a motel, and splashed by the hundreds
I don't ask if I want it, my attitude is running
I don't ask if I want it, my attitude is running, yup

Mega ice neck, with some fish, with some fish dishes
Rakim gems, my mind shine is what my weight misses
Anything else is uncivilized, send the kind of ^!$$%z

A tremendous spy, you can see the venom by
My nine leave a ten to buy, I don't need my men to ride
I'm in the moshing squad, beside the car that's highly energized

Been advised, before, that $#[email protected] with I, is genocide
Many men have died, from playing games from what they feel inside
Brawl with it in me, put it on my enemy

Be warned, defending me, like killing off a Kennedy
I silly song M.C.'s get sent on base
Type of ^!$$% spit the Remy or laugh in ya face

This dig in my waste, is mastery, step out of place
Shatter that $$#, like glass, and break fast like a neglige
Play with the biscuit, dick, don't even risk it
I, snatch up my misses, and dash on the interstate

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