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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Ghost Is Back"

[Intro: Ghostface Killah (Tracy Morgan)]
Listen, man, it's going on 2007, g
I wanna wish ya'll mutha$#[email protected] a happy New Year

(New Year, let's give it up) How your 2006 was son?
(Go and get up, get up, ya'll ^!$$%z is crazy
Ya'll know how I get, my 2006 off, ^!$$% I broke two of my toes, ^!$$%

It's going down ^!$$%, that's what's up, ya'll ^!$$%z is crazy)
That's why you came to the show with, um, peanut butter on your toes, that day
(^!$$%, why you gotta bring everything up? Man, everybody here enjoying)

Nah, son, because your %#@!'s - (crazy, a happy New Year
This muth$#[email protected]) Nah, boy, yo (no, man...) But your %#@! was looking mad timid
That was the funniest %#@! in the book, that day (Find out who...)

That's your toes right there! (Who the $#[email protected] said I broke 'em)
Yo, how you put them little baby cast on there? (Just a little punk $$# ^!$$% man)
How you put them in the baby cast like that, though, son?

Come on, son, that's what I was, that %#@!, yo
Let me tell you something, I ain't gon' front, yo
I love you and all that, son (then say that!)

You my first cousin, (then say that, Ghost, say that)
You my first cousin, though, but come on, man
You know how it is, son, I ain't seen you in years though

(You know how I get down) How you had peanut butter on your toes though, son?
(Cuz the ^!$$% asked for it, man, %#@! I $#[email protected] a ^!$$% up, man)
Yo, it's New Year's, yo (get back to me, mutha$#[email protected])

Yo, it's New Year's son ($#[email protected] ya'll ^!$$%z, this ain't no
Yo, Ghostface, my gold is fifty hundred, I want my money)

I love you my ^!$$%, Happy New Year's!
$#[email protected] that, let's get this paper!

[Ghostface Killah:]
Yo, yo I was sitting at the table thinking
How the hell do I murder these M.C.'s, sting 'em like bees

My attitude's that of Hannibal, not compatible
Why I would damage you, $#[email protected], if I drink, then ran with you
Ya'll chose to war, so called rich ^!$$%z wanna verse the poor

I'll rob you first, then go to your earth, it's not gon' hurt
If you try calling the cops, it's not gon' work
All you gotta do is lay in the dirt, we dug a hole

And my guns weight more, yo, then Gerald Levert
With more blubber than a Ruben Studdard, I grease the pan
With rhymes, and ya'll can't believe it's not butter

I told ya'll to chill, stretch all out like franks on the grill
With a classic deal, I'm like a farmer when I'm playing the field
Just painting my seeds, in 20-06, it's time to build

[sample x4:] "Ghost is back..."

[Ghostface Killah:]
Yo, I cooked up the beef, seasoned up the meat
Fried 'em, tried 'em, took it out the grease

Ghost came to steal the show, since you loving your broad
I'ma lay back and reveal your hoe
She a brain therapist, chick you can't kiss

Opened up her legs, like "ooh, I smell fish"
Yeast infection, queen, she love dick
Shivlered up tits, she'll bang the whole Knicks

Now how can I salute you, kid, I'm planning to do you
Crucial, blow rugers at who you with
We bump heads while we out in the street, it's all good

My trigger fingers'll matter, kick the back of your feet
And your red monkey jeans, is looking like a scene from Baghdad
That's bad, flags red, dirt beds

Ya'll ^!$$%z is eating, crystal meth' heads
We pissed out, wrist out, with the best threads
Knockin' ^!$$%z off, knockin' ^!$$%z out

$#[email protected] up rappers is what I'm about
I'm holding Staten Island down, ya'll cats must be dead
Keep fronting and lose your head

[sample x4:] "Ghost is back..."

[Ghostface Killah:]
You can decide on who's liver
Toney Knight Rider, wisdoms love my saliva

Slobbin' 'em down, hoggin' the mound
Pitchin' 'em eightballs, robbing the town
Don't let your gangsta, get you murked up
[email protected]^#got $$# homeys done got you worked up
Rappers can't come around, ya'll wide rap is dead

Freeze, ^!$$%, come off the bread
Whole horizon, hit 'em with toast, a rap arising
Ringing the boys bell like Verizon
Eyes, looking suprised, that the four-five
Yo Ghost, don't even do it, I got some more pie

[Outro: Ghostface Killah]
Word up, aiyo I'd like to give a mean shout out to Staten Island
Holding the boy down, ya'll know what it do
Theodore Unit, Big Trife, Wigs, Du-Lilz

Yo Supa! Ya'll know what it is, man, yaknowhatimsaying?
My West Brighton ^!$$%z... let's see that money come first
That's right, yeah, get up in that building
You tell L.A. Reid and them ^!$$%z to crack that safe
Word up, cause we coming, J-Love

Aiyo Den, what up, Ice, C-Allah, what up, yo Un
You knowhatimean, yo, Buck, hold ya head.. aiyo Bean
You know what it is, tell E, I said what's the deal, man
We gon' get this paper, this year, yo Irf, you know how we do
I ain't even gotta say that much, TaVon, come holla at your boy
I know my jack be off all the time, but yo, that don't mean %#@!, ^!$$%

Come through and holla, ^!$$%, word up, this what it is
Yo, S.G., that's my son doola... ya'll ^!$$%z keep ya'll hands off him
Youknowhatimean? Yo Ant Acid.. what's the deal, aiyo Tech, yo Plex
Your boys here, ^!$$%... word up, it's all about paper this year, ^!$$%, word up
I got mad babies to feed, I got bills ^!$$%, one...
Wu-Tang for life, Cappadonna, Raekwon, what up?
"Ghost got the juice, now"

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