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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Child's Play"

[Ghostface Killah]
Pretty little Sally sat up by the tree trunk
White miniskirt with a Betty Boom bum

She had a $$# like Deborah Cox, face like Lauryn
Waist like a [email protected][email protected] bottles scoring
Pretty young thing loved the swings

And times she got my ding-a-ling hard
When she said push hard, she kept vaseline
Open as she swung back, couldn't help her dress blue back

Now held accountable right for my actions
Right before the Wallabee Champ was rockin wallows
Drawin crads, sent her rap message through a bottle

Lines from Dolomite, few tips from Goines
Birthday, gave her two 50 cent coins
Puppy love, gorgeous face, amazed by lip gloss

Cherry cent, when the princess spoked yo it bounched off
Mole like Marilyn Monroe, threw a rose in her mouth
Wherever God go will be Mrs. [email protected][email protected]

Girl's so pretty, kids with little niddys
Hope the years go slow, slow
Surrounded by intelligence, life through education

Healthy minds will grow, grow
Catch me on a bus-stop, dustin, cursin out
The cops are still coming, vibe with me

Everybody's talking about Wu-Tang fronting
But you still telling lies to me

Beautiful in lightshows, having no intentions on love
But having strung eyes of oppose, here we go
It's not the way she bubbed the gum, shooked her $$#

I'm not the one, double dus, waiting for the bus
The [email protected]$)got Nore son, now year later
Lady 7th floor, building 7-80

Fancy fox, booties for her socks, nothing else can change me
Young Nefertiti, knowledge seed with no jewelry on
Tahitian fresh berry tree, she's a capricorn

I really liked the girl, had dreams about her
Thinking to myself some nights she got ("powered")
But hating, was Shinene and Grace and Key-lolo

Trick (*##$es jumped my boo at the school a few years ago
Hit me, you hit me, Grace got the last hit
Eh yo, the (*##$es started swinging and %#@!

So I jumped in
Those were the days, made faces in school plays
Paper trays, city wide test, made half a days

Shooting puppy water, might hump the pillow, dick a inch taller
Stapleton bum ^!$$%, I'll pop her cherry for her
Fresh air fun, here's dunn, alphabets, berets

Jellies, bubble yum, soda tongue, too young to###
Then engage him with them candy rings
Eh yo, I hit that %#@!, got jealous when she kissed Rob

I broked her chicko's sticks

[Outro: Ghostface Killah]

Guys and girls, y'all remember those days, and %#@!
Girls walk around in school, one ponytail with the beret
Next looking like baby powder, youknowhatImean?

Those were the days right there
Boston baked beans, girls come to school with mad candy
YouknowhatImean? You'd just come in school for half days, and all that

Just to see that little girl right there, ? to this
Go home and think about it, youknowhatImean?
May hump the bed sometimes on her, youknowhatImean?

Word, those days man, those, those were the good old days right there G
That %#@! was fun, lunchroom, see in the lunchroom, youknowhatImean?
Might get a little, go to the G.O. Store or something, youknowhatImean?

Word, buy a little chocolate, a little shake or something, youknowhatImean?
A little buttercrunch joints or something, youknowhatImean?
That's that real %#@!, G I miss those %#@!s, man

I wanna go back to school, man
That's my word, man
For real y'all, those were, those were the... [email protected]#$ y'all, you remember...

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