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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Cheche La Ghost (Remix)"

(feat. Madam Majestic)

[Madam Majestic (Ghostface Killah)]

Tommy Mattola, lives on the road
He lost his lady, two months ago
(For real son what?)

Maybe he'll find her, maybe he won't
Oh wonder that love

[Ghostface Killah, (U-God)]
Brothers try to pass me, but none could match me
No girl can freak me, I'm just too nasty

Lost on the dance floor as I attack y'all
Snuck through the back door, guess who they saw?
Goldie and Ghost, black African Rose

Star-studded low lenses, plus the mural was dope
Airbrush W-B's, STOP! (Shake your body, body)
And cop a couple of these (She's a hottie, hottie)

[Madam Majestic]
Scottfree and Chauncey, very upset

They're sick and tired of living in debt
Tired of roaches and tired of rats
I know they are over

[Ghostface Killah]
Brooklyn jumpin' - it's girls by the thousands

Heart-throb music - girls come out your blouses
Shakin' ya $$# - it's Cherchez Laghost
She could hustle with a sick style - jump off the boat!

Everybody's in the song - no bad boys
Scene hot and muggy - you might end up in the wrong house
You hear the feelin' - snatch that boy

He a herb - catch him for a brand new toy

[Madam Majestic, (Ghostface Killah), {U-God}]

They'll take all your rhymes with a Colgate smile, hey baby
(Get 'em girl, get 'em girl)
They'll love you one second, then hate you the next

Oh ain't it crazy baby, yeah (So crazy, so crazy)
Tony's his name, the undefeated champion, whoa, yeah
{Blow 'em down}

Now he's alone, he's just the king of his throne
(Yeah, aha, true)
Always will be my friend, Ghostface Killah

(Truly yours, peace boo)

[Ghostface Killah]

Catch me on the stage with about ten kicks
Blister hard headed - grinnin' all day
Can you say "Oww! We just got paid"

Keep ya frown son if you ain't gettin' laid

[Madam Majestic]

Oooo, Ghostface, Ghostface
Oooo, Ghostface, Ghostface *repeated to end*
Amore, amore, he rhymes, he rhymes, amore

Oh Tony, he rhymes, he rhymes, he rhymes

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