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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Box In Hand (Remix)"

(feat. Street, Method Man)

[Verse One: Ghostface Killah]

Yeah, $$#orted flavor Clarks
No doubt

The beer champ
Yeah, curly head kid
Yo, yo, yo

From Gators to blazers, low fades and razors
Big dick saloon, I contact the womb; the black asian

Which location keeps circulating
I want the twin power after day %#@! on his mason
A God steam represent the gummy with the green

who walk fiend stand up on your block and burn a bean
Sir Ballentine, lookin at this (*##$ walk behind
The thing that's $#[email protected] up appeal us that's wine

They turn around take my last pull off the L
these ^!$$%s on the block keep looking at me well
But they want the jewel it ain't hard to tell

I'm recognize his face, he actin like Denzel
But $#[email protected] him, I went to check low for chop
on a ball gone the size like faith up top

Now it's a whole new ball game, strategic mind frame
My dialogue's rebellious raid and razor fame
Glass out a red light, see Killah get on a ninja bike

Show my love to the God he peeled out and made a right
[Sound of speeding motorcycle]


When you walking down the street with your - Box in your hand

and you bringing the music of the - Wu-Tang Clan
And you hear Ironman on your - radio rapping
Your feet start the dancing and your - hands start the clapping

[Verse Two: Street]

Street's running through your dancehall gunning
like Lee Harvey Oswald stunning slapping MC's with summons
for pumping - that watered down substance

Beef there's slugs finger creeping
making moves like Crying Freeman
Prince of thieves, earth's third seed

Heavyweight like golden fleeces homicides stroll the street
If Luther preached it, look at the thugs holding heat
In the city beef got me plotting trilogy

To the smoke enemies sneak attacks I'm beyond and above that
Seen that done that, respect black
I catch a slug to your hardhat

lounging in the everglades, surfing the airwave
Catch a buck fifty where the razorblades swiftly
Shaolin cats be shiesty, strictly

drunk off the Irish whiskey


[Verse Three: Method Man]

Rest your headpiece on this one sun
cough up a lung
Sleeping on my murderous type ones I get you done

I'm looking at these cuthroat kids and how they live
It's like we was partners in spades and you renege
Can't $#[email protected] with no ^!$$% like that he get me jack

Or sent back, meaning whole life fade to black
I'm looking in the half of right and roll tight
fool me once but can't fool me twice, I'm 25

To life on this mic device ain't nothing nice
a mixture of long wild rice and no spice
Inflicted, rap addicted, track I stick it, flip it

daddy long dick-ed, slide
A little bit beyond twisted, mind in stitches
You thought weak but meant wicked

^!$$%s choke off my second hand smoke lifted
everyday is like my birthday I'm mad gifted, dead calm
Hit me with the eighteen bronze, buddah palm
About to blow like Napalm, before your arm
Prepare for the warfare, or buy a share

Oh what the $#[email protected] we dealing with, yeah
Johnny about to go there
need another year
Bust a shot for my sons that didn't make it here


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