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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Big Girl"

Every girl that's guilty of waiting so long sometime...
So it seems like it doesn't make sense...

[Female singing with laughing in the background]


Yea, it was them cute pretty (*##$es that was smelling like [email protected]%!e
They kept going [egh egh] like they had %#@! in they throats
They had stacks on the tables, cables

I had to say it was like early May a few days 'til my birthday date, baby date
I'll play to the sucker DJ, lookin' like Enrique
Told him to throw in that Supreme Cliee-ente

He said just gave a nod with a thumbs up wink
I just put down my dollar bill, took off my mink
Bartenders know me big spenders, gave us those monster drinks

Sent us lobsters and cigars that stink
Playing them oldie but goodie classics, them honies had fat $$#es
Noses runnin' from the raw, they hid behind they glasses

Toney with the Montana, I came to play
With my long fingernail, yo honey you should pass that yay
Let me see what color you got boo, I got that beige

I see y'all from the perihperals? ladies far right from the stage
I'm thirty-three, I look twenty-six with big furs on
What y'all inherent the Santa Maria? Y'all money that long?

Your father must have fell back when y'all started $#[email protected]
You asked me what I think about dude? I say $#[email protected] him
And this one (*##$ called me Fat Albert

The way my pockets had the mumps you know that Ghost is 'bout it
Then I asked these young ladies do they buff helmets
They said $#[email protected] you, took a sniff and then they didn't tell me

Just because you left home, this is Tone...Yo you see I flip stones
Birthstone, you ain't grown $#[email protected] around and get boned
Peerage pretty young ladies lost at six, Gucci kicks

And they picky when it come to they dick
If y'all ladies was all mine I'd teach you well
Free tales, sweet smells, slee? well hear bells

Before you sleep read your books like it was mah fanmail
And when you wake ? you woman the whole world can tell
Word life, put you to school when the clubs'll stop

College girl, pay for your books at 200 a pop
And all I ask in life's for you to be careful
Stay focused, take care of your health

Have kids and marry a prince
Good luck and happiness
And no longer shut yourself in, taste the pain, the sorrow

The sun'll shine and still come out tomorrow
And maybe be a secretary, business woman, 5th Ave., or run a library
You got the right conversation, education, and looks

With the right intelligence to stay away from them crooks
Baby get on your feet, be an accountant, doctor, lawyer or nurses's aid
Computer wizard, you about to get paid...

[Outro, over background singing]

You know I just met y'all
And I love y'all already and all that

But I gotta get off that nose candy
To make it in life and all that %#@!...
That's why I'm here

I'm like a father figure and all that %#@!
I let y'all get high, and that's all you're going to do but...

Cuz I drop jewels all over the place
Y'all too pretty for that...
Some of y'all nose hairs is burnt

I just want you to snap out of it
You know why...cause youse a...

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