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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Bad Mouth Kid (Skit)"

[Ghostface:] Hey, Yo That's Soul Right There Don't Touch That Radio.
[Kid:] $#[email protected] You
[Ghostface:] What'd U Just Say?

[Kid:] Shut The $#[email protected] Up
[Ghostface:] Come On Before I Beat Your Little $$# You Little Sucker
[Kid: Get Your $$# Of The Couch

[Ghostface:] What I Tell You Bout Turnin That? This My Couch, Your Mom's Know You Talk Like That Huh?
[Kid:] You're Not My Daddy
[Ghostface:] I'll Knock Your Daddy Out

[Kid:] He Would $#[email protected] You Up
[Ghostface:] Punk $$# Daddy, You Got A Lotta Problems, You Know That Little Boy?
[Mom:] Is Everything Ok In There?

[Ghostface:] Yeah Everything Allright In Here, We Just Chillin
[Ghostface:] Senority
[Mom:] Ok Just Checkin

[Ghostface:] Back To You You Little Mother$#[email protected], I Should Just Paint Your $$#
[Kid:] ....Mother $#[email protected]
[Ghostface:] Ima Paint The %#@! Out Of You, Ima Get My Son To $#[email protected] You Up

[Kid:] (*##$ $$# [email protected]^%, Eat A Dick
[Ghostface:] Eat A Dick Huh? Thats How You Feel Huh? Yall Mothe$#[email protected] Dont Get Beat No More Thats What It Is. Your Parents Dont Bust Yo Mother $#[email protected] $$#. But Lemme Tell You Something Ima Take This $#[email protected] Belt Off And Ima Whip Your Mother$#[email protected] $$# Myself Ya Little [email protected]&!

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