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GHOSTFACE KILLAH lyrics : "Back Like That (Remix)"

(feat. Kanye West & Ne-Yo)

[Intro: Kanye West (Ghostface Killah)]

It's ya boy Ne-Yo, we gonna do it like this
The Roc is in the building, yeah (It's the remix yo)
Kanye is in the building

(Yo, the monster don is in the building) we in here
(Kanye West is in the building) Ghostface (Your boy getting fat now
I got the fat stomach and laid up, eating good now

Other girl all stressed out, my girl got the fat $$#
Shorty mad, pulling her hair out) Haha
Yeah, pardon me, if I lost my voice

I just got off stage, I'm in Japan right now
Sorry bout it...

[Chorus: Ne-Yo]
Come through the block, in the brand new Benz
Knowing that me and that ^!$$% ain't friends

(Ok girl) Yeah, what I did was wack
But you don't get a ^!$$% back like that
Bouncin' around, when I'm up in these streets

Knowing that me and that ^!$$% got beef
(Ok girl) Yeah, what I did was wack
But you don't get a ^!$$% back like that, no

[Kanye West:]
I'm high powered, put Eva Mendez to sleep

Yo pardon, that (*##$ been on my mind all week
But, back to you, mad gloss chick, you're way fit
How you have everything in this world and waste it

Prince told me it'll be ok, I'm so sick
Like Ne-Yo say, I'm laid back, like neo-soul
I holla back at this Creole hoe

She from the N.O., but she never told me, and oh so
We at the spot to chill, with a Fugee grill
So ordered the Kobe beef like Shaquille O'Neal

Second I walked in, the whole room got still
I don't know how to put this but, I'm kind of a big deal
And she conceited, she got a reason

She got her hair did, she got her weave in
And I'mma sweat that out, by the evening
You? I don't sweat that now, I got a new


[Ghostface Killah:]
Oh girl, I can't believe you zoned out
Played me for this dude, nice shoes and a bottle of coast out Mont'

I'm that Don Wilson, first one
To put you up six suites in that Resident Hilton
Mink coach, colorful stones and big stacks

Yeah, I was $#[email protected], but you don't get me back like that
Causing me grief, you know me and homey had beef
Now you got me losing my mind, out up in these streets

You'se flamingo, showing your true colors
Heard ya'll was ducking down low when you see my brothers
But it's all good, I move from ex to next

Got the baddest little chick to sign off of them checks
Fat bubble, her body's like one of the best
But I don't need to say nothing, ask Kanye West

She eye candy, smoother than Godiva chocolate
And you mad cuz you played ya self, it's your fault, trick



Shot through the heart, the girl caught me
Shot through the block, with him shot gun
He lucky, I ain't stop, copped the shotgun

Killah type cat, you better be glad, I'm not one
Had a couple stars up in my sky
She was my moon and my sunshine

Dude ain't even fly, he just some guy
You blamed yourself, I'm done, peace, one

[Chorus x2]

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