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GHOST lyrics : "How we do it"


(verse 1)
blow the roof off this (*##$
everybodys gettin crunk

forget about tips
layin in the cut
got a 40 an anoutha 26

yeah here we go
got ya $$# bouncin like neva before
if you rockin with ghost

we aint stoppin till we blow the hinge off the door
got the [email protected]&(t packed like its the new dance floor
bass shakin the place

rollin blunts by the 8th
and drinkin beers by the case
all of us are

gettin wild tonight
an we aint just drunk
an we aint just high

were bolth
you can tell by our eyes
that its no surprise

ya were livin our life
were causin all the noise
were disturbin all the peace

an betta believe were drinkin 40's all night see
an we aint stoppin till the next day
so $#[email protected] if the landlords got somthin to say


(verse 2)
time ta blow this (*##$ up

$#[email protected] gettin tipsey
hell yea man everybodys crunk
if you look around

shortys shakin that $$# around
left right up then back down
this is jus how we do it

when we drink
when we wake up start drinkin up
an then we keep sippin

till the next day
on an on
an hell nah

we aint stoppin cuz this partys goin on
no way im bout ta stop right now
cuz i got theese shortys an there gettin wild

got a couple of molly's
hittin this party
an we poppin some bottles of that bacardi

so what do you do
an what do u expect
cuz i got hickies on my neck

an more spots i gotta check
betta believe im racin ta the next
cuz its gotta go on an go on till my last breath


(verse 3)

man i dident see %#@!
i plead the fith
but matta fact were runnin out so yo grab anouther fith

cuz i
got a couple mo bottles
an theese models

wanna keep on drinkin
an you know whats goin on
once i hit the throttle up on theese (*##$es
you kno whats shakin
ill be hittin it

an every syllable i be rippin
im just doin what what i wanna do
an theese chicks are somthin that i wanna pursue
yes they got the $$# an yes they got the breasts
and they got them hips

so you kno whats next
time for drinkin an partyin
everybody gettin wild
an $#[email protected] turnin that volume dial down
gotta keep on movin till were sky high

an everybody drinkin an everybody's gettin high
tokin them blunts an poppin them pills
cuz were livin our life
an every day we gotta have them thrills


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