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GHETTO TWIINZ lyrics : "No Pain No Gain"

[Mia X:]
Mama Mia and the Ghetto Twiinz
puttin down the real y'all

something y'all can feel y'all
No Pain No Gain, believe that

Mama told me there be days like this
You have to be bout your hustle if you planin to be rich

It always takes a nobody to bring ya down
But it take somebody to stand in grounds
Have mercy on our kids today (have mercy)

Surviving tryin to make a way (have mercy)
The killers got me back in heat, I can't trust them
Why you wanna capture me? Straight buckin

Gonna always face pain in life
I ain't sayin it's gon' be easy u gotta gain some strife
Just because I'm from the ghetto, it's even harder

I gotta be strong and bustin my $$# for my son and daughter
Don't you call me a lie cause I'm living proof
slangin drugs yes I used too, bust slugs if I have too

So don't tell me what you can't do or won't do
Just keep ya head up and stay true

[Chorus: x3] No Pain No Pain, No Gain (no gain)


You can be a cook in the kitchen, a lady in the streets
you cant show your tits to every guy you meet
It's alright to be a little sweet

but being mama to them kids and your no


[Mia X:]
Sisters I know it's hard cause everyday it's a struggle

Being both mommy and daddy, tryin to hustle
Anyway you can just to bring home the bacon
Baby daddy fakin it

Keepin your head achin
Takin %#@! off a job payin you 4.65, an hr. (damn)
Feeling like slaves cause the white man still holds the power

But your strength will get (stronger) soon, remember that
because we God's children.. strong, fearless and black
Fact still remains we are harder then a mother$#[email protected]

Lord, how long they gonna try to keep ya children under
Don't sit and wonder, pull ya'self up and stand firm
Cause every bit of pain you take is a lesson learned

You earned the right to be a queen girl
So take your throne
And if your man is a good man, then be his back bone

We strong like Noah's ark, we gon' make it thru the rain again
I know it seems bad but we gon' laugh after the pain again
Believe that...


Out here strugglin and striving got me screamin for help
Ain't nobody giving me %#@! I gotta get it myself

got my back against the wall but I'm surviving this %#@!
Can't run, can't hide in the midst of the %#@!
Who do you call when your kids get hungry

Can't call on baby daddy he left you lonely
Only lord know the pain that we fightin inside
Don't you cry, dry your eyes it's either do or die

Mama made us some strong women, gotta be strong women
Gotta hold on women, and best believe we gon' make it
through the storm women, never let them see you sweat

if you under pressure, pressure
So don't let them stress ya
Don't let them get the best of ya

Cause if they do they is gonna take advantage of ya
So keep it true, see we be fightin against the world
Precious like a pearl, got me screamin $#[email protected] the world


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