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GHETTO TWIINZ lyrics : "Murder Murder"

Upper level, ghetto twins
Doin this %#@! like true players
Thug players, real players

[Verse One:]

We droppin bombs on you (*##$es yeah just like that
We don't show no $#[email protected] love when we stars of the tech
This ain't no act ^!$$% this a fact you gonna bleed

As we proceed to give you what you need
Bustin rounds at our enemies watchin em drop
Bust they back wide open got their body locked

^!$$%z wanna test me, check me, wanna come and get me
Get that machete, leave their body wetty
Confetti is how your body goin to get left

(*##$ we deadly, if you don't believe dat their
Come come raise the dum dum to the skull
And to ^!$$%z who disbelieve $#[email protected] all y'all


It's gonna be a murder murder $#[email protected] wit them (*##$es
I say murder murder murder murder, I say murder murder murder murder

[Verse Two:]

It's gonna be a murder murder $#[email protected] wit them (*##$es
We got I ain't grunted ^!$$%z wishes, we vicious
We pullin plugs on them ^!$$%z who is dying slow

Pumpin slugs in them ^!$$%z who just might know
Where the weed at where the keys at
If you don't want no feedback just release that

I think them scared of the violence
$#[email protected] the sirens, put that tech to his side and leave him hollerin
Dodgin bullets like an athlete (*##$

You don't feel this, can't nobody check me (*##$
We gonna kill this, ^!$$%z exit ??? so it's on on
Hit the dome with the chrome now you gone gone, gone gone


[Verse Three:]

We got a ??? for them (*##$es we gonna ride tonight

Put some ammo in my clip and if we die tonight
There ain't now love in this mother$#[email protected] game ya see
Pumpin slugs in the mother$#[email protected] playin wit me

We be thuggin on the south side
You won't try and get by thats a lie cause i
Pumpin holes in the mother$#[email protected] wannabe G's

^!$$% please you don't feel me
All that playa hate I can't tolerate
Neva procrastenate don't make violent

^!$$%z would love to see us incarcerate
Pumpin slugs ain't got time to conversate, so get it straight


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