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GHETTO TWIINZ lyrics : "Mamma's Hurting"

[Verse 1:]
It was a late, late Sunday

when the drama went down.
Playas smoking on blunts,
playas sipping on Crown,

playas all around.
These G-Ts cuz we looking sexy,
In our spandex dresses,

and we chillin on the Lexus.
Kickin it wit some homies from uptown
Letting us know, some drama bout to go down

We have to get from 'round -
these gangstas
We have our kids up in tha back seat

We strapped tight wit tha glock
in case they bring tha heat
We was chillin on tha driver's side

Killas undisguised
When they did that drive-by.
We heard a kid cry "mommy don't ya let me die"

Seen tha blood and tha tears rollin down my eyes
Call tha cops, forget tha cops,
won't ya grab tha glock.

No time to explain, my baby's been shot
With a AK, killa no way
Cuz I don't play, behind my baby

I heard my baby screaming
"mama come and squeeze me"

As I break down screaming "don't ya leave me"
Paramedics pumpin in her chest to bring her back
Bleeding to death as my baby take her last breath

I drop to my knees, Lord please, help me
don't take my baby, I'll go crazy
The Lord didn't hear my cry cuz my baby died.

I grab my hand as I scream, tryin to wonder why.
As she lay on the concrete,
All bloodied up

And she covered up
With the white sheet.
My heart aching, my knees shakin

As they put her in tha body bag,
I fainted cuz I couldn't take it.
Beatin on tha ground, blood on my hands

Tryna be strong, tryna understand
Im thinking...
Maybe cuz I did so wrong

Im thinking...
that's why my baby's gone.
But baby...mommy still live that thug life

And mommy knows where ya killas live
so everything is alright.

mama's hurting baby...
they took mama only baby

and im bout to go crazy [repeat]

[Verse 2:]

As she put to rest, in her pink dress
As I hold my chest, thinking what's next.
As tha tears roll, when tha casket closed

And her father breakin down screaming " Lord knows"
The last word my baby say is "don't cha let me die"
And tha killa think he gonna live but that's a lie

Cuz when I catch ya, ya know that ya life is through
And if I have to do some time, that's what I'm gonna do
And when I catch that thug, ima show no love, have to see my baby girl covered up wit mud.

Im at tha killas house
cuz im full of pain.
His ma gone feel tha same cuz ima blow his brain.

Im at his front do' wit tha 4-5, tears in my eyes, killas gotta die
U kno I did him in, now mommy in tha pen,
I have ya pictures hangin up while I do my 10.

[Chorus x2]


with a A-K, killa no way
cuz I don't play, behind my baby [repeat]

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