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GHETTO TWIINZ lyrics : "Bout Dat Gangsta Gangsta"

[G-Mone of A-G-2-A-Ke]
You be bout gangsta %#@!

We be bout gangsta %#@!
Hehe, uhh, hehehehehehehe
We gangstas ^!$$%


[Verse 1:]

[T.L.T & Mz G.B of Ghetto Twiinz]
Better grab your %#@! (*##$
It's gonna be some gangsta %#@!

I take ya hand green off (*##$
I take ya hand green off (*##$
GT's ain't to be $#[email protected] with

You better duck or get bucked (*##$
We got a crew that's down for %#@! like
Givin' up that $$# in the night

Don't make us turn ya in
Come here to sin, like do ya in
$#[email protected] around with killas and G's

^!$$% freeze drop till ya knees
All about that static ^!$$%
Don't make us grab a ^!$$%

Pump that automatic ^!$$%
See you had a ^!$$%
You can put that on ya daddy ^!$$%

Keepin' ^!$$%s on respirators
Die ^!$$% die, see ya later
Have no time for playa haters

Only God can save ya
Better pray now, cause once we sprayed ya
Ain't no comin' back alive, that

You can try to bust back, but $#[email protected] that
Gotta crew for the ^!$$%s that's bout that
Railway gangsta message text

Hit ya in your neck, your chest and your back
$#[email protected] the police, $#[email protected] peace
Release the heat, you're deceased

T.L.T and G.B
It's only the first ingreed
You don't believe me come see

You bout that gangsta %#@!
We bout that gangsta %#@!

We gangstas ^!$$%

[Chorus: x3]

[2-4 of The Snypaz]
If you wanna get it on
^!$$% roll, we can get it on

[Ghetto Twiinz]
You bout that gangsta %#@!

That gangsta %#@!
[Ghetto Twiinz]
We bout that gangsta %#@!

[Ghetto Twiinz & G-Mone]
We gangstas ^!$$%

[Verse 2:]
[Ghetto Twiinz]
Yes, we some $$#-splitters

^!$$%s get us
Burnin' rubber on the curve smokin' herb

^!$$%s $#[email protected]' with our nerve
It's time to serve
Let's go get 'em

Let's go get 'em
Watch us hit 'em

Watch us split 'em
If y'all (*##$es ain't bout it
Then y'all safe to get rowdy

If you think you gon win us
Up against us we doubt it
You be the tall gift,
for $#[email protected]' with the wrong (*##$
You better grab your Chrome wicked less

Get it on (*##$ huh
We some soldiers, done told ya
We be thuggin' for life
Slash your neck with a knife
You be gone by the night

You bout that gangsta, gangsta
We bout that gangsta, gangsta
You bout that gangsta, gangsta
We bout that gangsta, gangsta
We gangstas, ^!$$%

[Verse 3:]
We gagnstas, ^!$$%s
Uh, uh

Run it up on me
A really ^!$$% roll
I'ma get to bust 'em
S-N-Y-P-A-Z clearin' blocks for no discussion
And rushin' up adrenaline
Plus I'm flusin' brew and drop a cent in 'em

Chi-town really know
With my boys Buck and Craig in 'em
Hoes, I never beg in 'em
I be spittin' that double G (What's that)
You put the third leg in 'em
Uh, word, to my son
One, Deuce

He gettin' paid, cause we laid
down that solid-ass juice, truce
Now who's the next to slip the news around they dick
$#[email protected]' with my click that's what you get
Better yet this pig
$#[email protected]' blood,
That's the only way we showin' love

I love to see you bleedin'
On a picture you be readin'
Peace to all them Snypaz on M-O-N-R-O-E
And the Ghetto T-W, double I, N-Z

[Chorus x1]

[Verse 4:]
You don't wanna visualize
That ^!$$% G, evil eyes
These tentensees, please
Pussin' you can die $#[email protected]' with me

Luckily, hung with the G-E-T till the TO Twiinz
And my gun's down, flick, click
Move %#@!, cause I'm feelin' bustas again
Ready with 2 clips, so who is this
$#[email protected]' with me
$#[email protected]' with you
^!$$%, who knew I blew his $#[email protected]' brains out

If pointed out him died to
Why not had you be mindin' your business
But no, snitch, witness this splittin' window
And this what I'm thinkin' as I dig slow
Snitch, (*##$, trippin'
Let's listen while I laugh some mo'
6 feet deep
? is now walking through the creep
Defeated to see
Cause y'all already buried
(*##$, we be bout gangsta %#@!
We gangstas ^!$$%

At your $$#
Ghetto Twiinz, uhh, uhh
That gangsta %#@!
Gangstas ^!$$% (Word up)
A-G-2-A mother$#[email protected]' Ke

[Chorus x2]

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