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Georgia Satellites lyrics : "Sweet Blue Midnight"

We were talking about the future
But she never pretended to hear
Shine a light, sweet blue midnight

I don't care if you're insincere
I will believe for us both
I will believe if the dream falls down

Believe in nothing if that's what it takes
I hear an old familiar sound

Sweet blue midnight coming home again
Sweet blue midnight it's here I always come to

In the end, in the end

Oh it's late out here tonight

Later than you might know
Please hold me safe in your sweet arms
I've nowhere else to go

And I don't know what's to be
And I don't know what's to come
And I don't know I just don't know anymroe

Livin' on the run

(repeat chorus)

This dream makes a fool of us all
You know exactly what I mean

The light shines, falls where it will
And still some things can't be seen
Hold it close to me forever

Hold it close as my heart can stand
Close my eyes and just let it go
And try to be a kinder man

(repeat chorus)

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