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Georgia Satellites lyrics : "Sheila"

The other night, I had a dream
I was dying in desert sand
And then above watching over me

Stood an angel with a golden hand


Singing sheila sheila, sheila sheila
Screeling and a reeling
Sheila sheila, sheila sheila, sheila sheila

My heart she was stealing

Living here in this old town

There ain't a lot to do
And after work I just ride around
Looking out for something new

When I saw you standing in a drugstore
Trying on your diamond ring
Had to run in jujp through the front door

Grab your hand and start to sing about

(repeat chorus)

She don't run, she don't hide
Sheila thinks that everyone is beautiful inside

Sheila put your red dress on and let your long hair down
We're gonna make them turn the lights on

On the hill at the edge of town
I was lost and on my own I was lost and broken down
And when you sing that old shirelle song

I'm the king with the golden crown

Singing na na na na oh sheila sheila (say 3 times)

Sheila's inside of the night, trying to take me into the light(4 or more times)

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