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GENERAL SURGERY lyrics : "Crimson Concerto"

My lurking want, for carnal sins
Your flesh my desire
And to cleanse my violin

Your throat I slit
And yet I need no help to cure
My sanious abuse

A single jerk, is all it needs
To bring me to my climax,
And to bring you to your knees

You're all I want, my corpses to be
My music incomplete
Until I bathe my strings in thee

'Tis not for fun,
I feed on death
It provides me with the tunes I play

I give you but the best

A price to pay, but not a fee

One human more or less
Is quite indifferent to me
You'll find my strings around your neck

Your flesh will tense and start to break
Your blood will spurt and drench my hands
To give my notes a certain clang

My violin I scrub and wax
But not with polish, soap or varnish
A finer substance I recquire

I soak it in human carnage
Soaking, dampening my strings
Bathing the wood of my precious violin

Laughing, whistling as I work
Immersing my life in the sogginess of your blood...

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