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Pathological waste abounds
Cadavers lined wall to wall
Foul-whiffing stiffs all around

A bonfire would clean it all

Frenzied cauterization

Now seems slightly passe
A more gleeful method seems fitting
To spread havoc and disharmony

Dispensation of carrion embellished
In a delightfully mirthful way

The disposal of my spent toys
A most superbly distasteful fray

Mannequins discretely exchanged for a different fashion model
Now view the spring collection as worn by bloated corpses

The ghastly remains strategically placed in public spots
Much to the [email protected]&(t of my like-minded pathologist chums

Detruncating limbs, slack heads are lopped
Soak the pieces in preservatives to debar foul rot
Wrap the stinking presents and then regroup

To deliver bloody packages to your front stoops

Blithely positioning cadavers on a park bench

Horrified children recoil and blench
Hang a corpse by its intestines from a nearby tree
For the public to admire my disposal methodology

Our gruesome tasks masked by off-putting gaiety
The jocular demeanour veils your repugnance but barely

Jovially dissecting and disposing of the gore
Our brash disposal methods leave you shaken to your core

Unauthorized surgeries
Dismantling anatomy
Solemnizing necrotomies

Convivial corpse disposal methodology

Suspended stiffs on wires

Make for hours of entertainment
A pus-dripping puppet show
An enchanting display of [email protected]&(t

The jovial sense of misconduct
Derived from the public's disgust

Young and old repelled by the reek of rank, putrefying meat

The mortuary waste diminishing for every prank

Cadaveric cleanup of my vile, putrescent body bank

Tossing rigored stiffs from embankments and cliffs

Setting carcasses ablaze, and other procedures most comedic
Our ingenuity is tested when our patients die
Inventive methods of disposal our modus operandi

Villainy demonstrated with our internment techniques
Bodies stored in 50-gallon drums until they start to leak

Mincing the dead into finely ground organic scrap
Mulching your garden with our latest mishap

Rollicking through our disposal drills
Dispatching the murdered is better than the kill
Slowly dissolved in acid, encased in tar

Or dumped in plastic bags from a moving car

Unauthorized surgeries

Dismantling anatomy
Solemnizing necrotomies
Convivial corpse disposal methodology

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