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Gateway Worship : God Of My Days lyrics

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Gateway Worship lyrics : "God Of My Days"

You awaken my heart
From slumbering
Meet me in mourning

And you speak to my grief

You're the light in my darkness

The delight of my eyes
The hope of the daybreak
When the sun's slow to rise

I trust that every moment's in your hands

You're the God of my days
The King of my nights
Lord of my laughter

Sovereign in sorrow
You're the Prince of my praise
The love of my life

You never leave me
You are faithful
God of my days

You unveil my eyes
Help me to see

The arms of my Father
Encircling me
You're a constant companion

I am never alone
Your love is the banner
That's leading me home


My eyes are on You
My hope is in You
My faith is in You

My eyes are on You
My hope is in You
My faith is in You

(Repeat chorus 2 times)

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