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I just cant believe your face when I asked
you for your hand
And i just cant deny the racing in my veins

cause you won't believe my heart as I hold it
in my hands
I'll give it to you

Cause I am your man

I wish there was a world for us

Where the sun is always shining
Except late at night
Where he'd share the sky with the stars

And maybe rain would fall so soft upon your
cheeks a waiting
I give this world cause I am your man

Cause only with you

I found this kind of happiness
And only with you I share my love

So sit down over there
And learn how a man could fall so deeply
And take away his pride

And wash away his fears
And i could not explain with words
In a song that only lasts til I am still

Cause I am your man

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa