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Game lyrics : "Taylor Made"

Here comes to the two to the three to the four
I think is time for me to do %#@! like before
You are .. in the street with the four

And they freak like a .. while I am on tour
She's being .. but she left me blind skin on the front door
Don't believe I am that dude in fact cause I got a ? but no shoes to match

She won't me a face on me but this ain't radio nu guitars to play on a ?
You can catch me as a ?.black on .. with black ?
And I ain't picking my jump ?

[email protected]^% you are used to .. magnum condom magnum ?
Now you are up in the club with a chick .. in the club go get them
Back in the days you've been all a disciple you walk with a ..

You're looking like you ?you ain't the first t see her $$# too fat
I think I tell you with all the tattoos ?but I don't be busy

And she drink a whole bottle and drop me tipsy
Here comes to the two to the three to the four
White sport [email protected][email protected] just stepped on to the door

.. jeans to .. to the floor.. get low jeans that's how I wear
Get low Albert Einstein so I ?get a few .. get them all ?
It's the come back .. catch me in the floor ?

I'll guarantee you you won't come back again

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa