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Game lyrics : "SHE WANNA HAVE MY BABY"


(Trey Songz)


Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhhh

Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhhh


Everybody $#[email protected] Amber Rose
Is the #[email protected] good only Kanye camera knows
And who this Tami hoe telling me and Trey shooting a video

In a month and she can get a cameo
SMH TTM five star we be them
L-o-l hide my bbm aint got my bbm

Lou Vuiton he be in 'tron got em queasy and
My Money aint Young thats my ^!$$% Lil' Weezy and 'em
I keep one rolled like Wiz Khalifa and 'em

Got some college hoes what wanna smoke a swisha sweet with him
They aint no Lauren Londons but they got that Megan Good
They use that Photoshop to get their $$# up out the hood

And its all good with us ^!$$%s mayne
I said its all good cause I'm a trigger man
Yeah she said she wanna have Jason kid

I told that (*##$ you better off with Jason kid


(Trey Songz)
I do it cause they love it

If you hate it (*##$ who give a $#[email protected] I made it (Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhhh)
Plus I do it for the ladies
Somebody say they wanna have my baby

She said she wanna have my baby
Who tryna have my baby
She said she wanna have my baby

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