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Game lyrics : "RUNNIN"

got to live for today cause tomorrow ain't promised to me
don't just want a piece i want my whole destiny

(if you got it)
i'm gone take it
(if you're in it)

you're coming with me
(bench warmers)
get no playing time

(no sleeping)
till i cross the line
i'm runnin'



cause i gotta pack them shows
and dre told me ain't no coming back from go
so i gotta get my album in place

my g-unit features
my eminem sixteens
my dr. dre beats

and it was two years from today when i started rhyming
and took my demo to suge and he ain't sign me
^!$$%z threatening my life like it's hard to find me

see me shining in the hood like twenty inch lexanis
my mom said i'm hard head
i don't follow the rules

why should i when reebok giving ^!$$%z they own shoes
and i'm dealing with the same problems 50 cent got
yayo in jail and they think i'm trying to take his spot

i'm in the studio laughing at chris rock
then i turn on mtv and see soulja slim shot
and ^!$$%z trying to gun me down in the rim shop

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