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Game lyrics : "Ricky"

[Intro: Boyz in the Hood]
“%#@!! Rick!

C'mon man! ”
“Ricky! ”
“Help me! Help me! Somebody, help me! ”

“Ricky, Ricky! ”
“Ricky! ”
[Verse 1:]

Blood of a slave, heart of a giant
Had to leave Aftermath, Dre said I was too defiant
That was five years ago, look how fast it go

Destroyin' Interscope, shot myself like Plaxico
But $#[email protected] that, blaze one, where the matches yo?
Hit the freeway and see how fast the Aston go

Roll the window down, clip off the ashes so
You can see all my diamonds and how much cash I blow
How many (*##$es I $#[email protected], how many cars I drive

How many goons I got, count ‘em and they all outside
^!$$%s try to shut me up like Malcom
But standin' in the window caine smoking was the outcome

Sometimes I get a little stressed and pop a Valium
Hit Hollywood late night and knock down a stallion
So ^!$$%s think twice about my medallion or

You'll hear Cuba Gooding yelling “Ricky! ”
My nostalgia is one hundred percent Compton and zero percent snitch
Park a Bentley and the Phantom on blocks while I use the (*##$

Made the Cincinnati fitted more famous than Griffey did
And just to think, several years ago they tried to split his wig
Two to the chest, struck his heart, one hit his rib

Then I blacked out, like a movie, all I could hear…

[Verse 2:]

Feelin' all $#[email protected] up, woke up to a doctor
All I could think about, was that the cops took my weed and my choppers
They want me to sing, like Sinatra, I told the detective

Get this clear like Belvedere vodka
Them five shots created a monster
Hell's Kitchen comin' straight out of Compton

I seen Boyz in the Hood, Morris Chestnut was a actor
2Pac was the real life “Ricky! ”
Then they shot down the ^!$$% that shot him, I swear to God

If I'm lying then Compton is New York and I'm Rakim
I'm from where ^!$$%s get murdered over stock rims
And punched in the jaw just for a @@#!ed brim

Nobody mama let the cops in, we ain't got no options
Wanted to be a boxer, but I was boxed in
Then my grandmother house went up for auction

And that's what tipped [?], I'm goin' back to buy the block then
Too many ^!$$%s locked in, dig up Cochran and defend all my ^!$$%s
With they faith under stockings, rather face God then 25 with no options

If Compton ain't the murder capital, we in the top ten
Drive by with our face painted, like a clown
With a tre-pound, forty shells bouncin' off the ground

This how my living room sound, when my brother got shot down…
[Sample from Boyz in the Hood: Crying]

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