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Game lyrics : "Red Bottom Boss Feat Rick Ross"

[Verse 1:Game]
I'm about to tear this $#[email protected]' track out
Pretend it's Keri Hilson and blow a $#[email protected]' back out

22nd mixtape, half of em diss tapes
But $#[email protected] who I was dissin' because I never made a mistake
(?) got what he deserved, Jay, I might have been trippin'

I was fallin', I was slippin'
He was Jordan, I thought I was Pippen
He was winnin', I was losin'

He threw a jab, I started bruisin'
So I threw in the towel just to separate all confusion
Ivy Blue is beautiful, me sayin' that's unusual

That's the father in me, don't think I'm tryin' to be cool with you
Thug life, Rihanna knuckles, Gucci shirt, designer buckles
Louis Vuitton billboard, the ^!$$%'s boy just tryin' to hustle

Poster boy for them drug dealers
I just want you all to love me
But I ain't handsome, I ain't trying to bug ^!$$%s

Y'all the Verizon man, I'm just gon' stand behind y'all
But every now and then, I gotta remind y'all

[Verse 2:Game]
It's that red bottom boss, ^!$$%
Burgundy Bentley truck, $#[email protected] what it cost ^!$$%

That V12 start up like Ross ^!$$%
That's why them hoes call me the boss ^!$$%
Catch me in the Maybach, where them seats recline way back

Remember, I had a Rocky for ya, and I ain't talkin' ASAP
You know I got that K strap, chopper with the base hat
If you see Tip trillin', King of Diamonds, tell I got like eight stacks

Ace of Spades by the crates, biatch
Never lose, like Alexander the Great, biatch
I only win like Bay, I run the city like mayors

Don't make me go dig up them old Chuck Taylor's
Back when me and Snoop was the only ones throwin' up gang signs
Ya ^!$$%s wasn't bloods until I cosigned y'all

But y'all that Verizon man, I'm just gon' stand behind y'all
And sometimes I gotta remind y'all

[Verse 3:Game]
Taylor Gang ^!$$%, I ain't Wiz doe
I got that yellow brick road inside my ear lobes

Playin' ice hockey, feelin' like Gretzky
Los Angeles King, and I'm who the whole city cheer for
^!$$%s throwin' subliminals, act like I don't hear those

I could give y'all 100 bars, but you all know y'all fear those
And plus, I'm too attached to my lifestyle
$#[email protected] them Air 1's, I'm too attached to these spikes now

Louis Vuitton's, hard as croutons
They comfortable like futons
They suede, grey poupon

The yellow like Luke on
The Lakers, he was traded
But they should have moved that ^!$$% Marion, Gloria (?)

Damn, was that too strong?
These ^!$$%s gettin' pooped on
While I get my Duke on, and crossover like Duhon

Luke warm, I'm too hot, you're too cold
I'm 2Pac, you're too old for hip hop
Stop. Recognize...

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