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Game lyrics : "NY Shining"

Yo I'm in NY York on the block, I know you see that it's snowing
Jesus beats, got the ki's, beats both of the %#@!s blowin'
Stupid Jack, the hoodie on, $#[email protected] it man blowin

G start, Jordan pre star like Bowen
And now that I got everybody's $#[email protected] attention
Let some just some (*##$ $$# ^!$$%s go independent

Take that, I'm Drein', ^!$$% you full of bandz
Poke holes in ya, fill up the NY pack
^!$$% that believe, all into his feeling

Cause he did 10 years for shootin at the ceiling
Biggie gave you a mill, lil ^!$$% should've chilled
Cute curly side-lines talkin bout it real

Take my resume, if a ^!$$% want it I bury him
But $#[email protected] this ^!$$%, he make it to America
I'm 'bout to hit Brooklyn, $#[email protected] on his (*##$ Erica

Bustin up, call a cabbie cup
After I tear it up and we just meditate
Gave it up the day after election date

(*##$es on section 8, tryina get a section 8
Already came, this a rap like a magic team
Hurricane Sandy got this (*##$ lights out

She fell asleep then a girl got packed out
It means the type hoes, NBA ^!$$%s wife out
And leave my side (*##$es, ^!$$% what you make out

Mom's out, buzzing the stash, the quite's quiet now
That some pretty on a steep and quite iced out
3 ki's, all 3 cones is smacked out

And I bomb for us, see 40 block and lights out
Word on the street ? (*##$ ^!$$%s saw me
Sent the cops to my door ^!$$% how you it do it cheap?

I ain't beefin with, just you and me
And I split the scene, 16 matching you

Come on, come on?

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Thanks to alexandrap