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Game lyrics : "Number One"

diddy aint tell ya,ll how run the city now
play wack rappers like a stewardess i sit em down
take flight like holy phil and mike number 1 or 2 lend me a ear I will chew you ^!$$%s like tobacco

Major league sit
Get hotter than tobasco
Make you eat %#@!

Cuz ^!$$%s can't see me even with not tint
on the Bentley, I'm simply
a mother$#[email protected]' magician

when it come to dissapearin rappers
%#@! happens
Drama lead to bull %#@!, bull %#@! to foul play

Foul play to gun play then you see the tahoe swervin down the run way
Bangin' big poppa till the red dot spot ya
pop ya, drop ya like the rasta-

farian [email protected][email protected]&& I blow like Sinatra
better get a docta I gotcha ^!$$%
I'm number one

I'm number one, I'm number one

I'm number one, I'm number one

who got you ^!$$%s gased up treat em'

like a (*##$ $#[email protected] em' leave em' wit they $$# up
screaming like casey and jojo's last cut
if ya think ya lonely wait untill tonights up

black tape around ya wife and your daughter
my lyrical slaughters on time for your departure
look wat all that slick %#@! bought ya this rap torture

brought to you yours finest your highness
drop to your knees say your $#[email protected] prayers thou shalt
not $#[email protected] with he who is greater the mc slayer put ^!$$%s to sleep

Have em' counting sheep get up in that $$# real deep
like a [email protected](* for realdoh i let my steel blow get realo
i show you mother$#[email protected] how i feel so

you can watch me kick %#@! like a steel toe
why you fall off the charts reall slow
im number one

im number one, im number one
im number one, im number one, im number one.

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Thanks to auritagirl