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Game lyrics : "I Remember"

[Hook: Game & Future]
It's been a long damn time since a ^!$$% sold dope
But if you put a brick right in front of me, I remember

Bakin' soda and the triple beam, I remember
Loaded fully auto magazine, I remember
(I done $#[email protected] so many (*##$es that I can't remember names

But if you put that #[email protected] right up in my face, I remember
Drop that #[email protected] down on the floor, I remember
The way she comin' down on the pole, I remember)

[Verse 1: Game]
Pop the #[email protected], don't play with it

I don't care if Kanye hit it, I don't care if Jay hit it
I'mma eat it up and I'mma lay with it
We shot a chopper at the gun range

Got stupid cars, got dumb change
Red bottoms, let the tongue hang
Got an off-white Porsche,### stain

I'm whippin' work (I remember)
Roll up that purp (I remember)
Pour up that syrup (I don't remember)

(How Tunechi had that purple Slushy comin' out that blender)
Got a Keisha, got a Rhonda
Got a Nisha, got a Tanya

Got a Tishaun and a Honda
And I eat her anaconda
Got condoms in that condo

Got kush greener than Rondo
Still hit me up for that blow
You already know


[Verse 2: Young Jeezy]
Drop top 'Rari %#@!, I drove it like I stole it
The Lambo' in the shop, told my (*##$ to Range Rove

Microwave broke, so a ^!$$% had to stove it
Dropped it off to my Auntie, told her hold it
I'm posted right now, posted in this Gucci link

87 did 30 mil', wonder what Coogi think
Quarters, 9 1/2 sold (I remember)
Yeah, it's the middle of June, and it's snowing like December

If you get into the 'sac in your hood, I could mend ya'
Ya' ^!$$% talking reckless on your song, I'll revenge ya'
Pull up to the club in a Phantom, I had a vision

Break 'em all down, Arm and Hammer in the vision


[Verse 3: Future]
Pop that #[email protected] up in that hydraulics (what's that)

Six fo', throw that brick inside a pot and cook it, whip it good though
Baking soda inside of her bowl, hey yo, watch me blow
Promethazine mixed with a Sprite, pour a fo'

Been sipping syrup all night, and I get higher than a plane (Pluto)
Yeah, I remember your #[email protected], girl, but I don't know your name
I got diamonds hanging off if they could talk it'd be insane

Ever since I gave her that molly, man that girl ain't been the same
Better pop the #[email protected] for a real ^!$$%
That's on the way, I'mma deal with ya

I'm a real boss, that real sauce
Don't try me (*##$, I will floss
That's real talk, my top off, I'm throwed off

I'm on that green, don't play golf (chronic)
I hustle take no days off


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