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Game lyrics : "Holy Water"

My Phantom so mean
Like I washed that mother$#[email protected] every Sunday in holy water

My Jesus piece clean
Even my shoes are Christians, I'm walking on holy water
She came out them True Religion jeans

And fell straight to her knees like she was dipped in holy water
Holy water
Holy water

[Verse 1]
Back when Michael Jordan was raw

'92 was the year my city was city of God
[email protected][email protected] on the boulevard, crack fiends skiing the slaloms
Is exactly how drug lords found their way from the bottom

Them Yeezy's drop got 'em, couldn't afford 'em you shot 'em
Cause they the same price as $#[email protected] red bottoms
We don't pop tags, leave that mother$#[email protected] on it

Return it back to the store when you no longer want it
Sleep outside for days for a pair of J's
Then you sleep outside forever cause you got sprayed

If you gon' die for em, they better be some number 4's
Or some %#@! made in Japan you can never find in the stores
Rolex watches, Gucci belts, and Louis luggage

Definitely set us apart from ^!$$%s when we in public
Jeffery Campbell and Michael Kors got you looking rugged
Gave her a Louis bag, now she love me

Take a look at her posin' on my car cause


[Verse 2]
Met a girl named Christian in some Christian, she a Christian

Suck a dick like sucking dick is her life's mission
Trynna' save her $$# like trynna' save a stripper
She fine as $#[email protected], you trynna' $#[email protected], that's the reason you tip her

And all I'm sayin' is a watch and a gold chain
Can't make Bobby Valentino, Johnny Coltrane
And she knows this, that's why her mouth wide

Openin' up her legs straight up like they suicide
I cross my heart and hope to die
If something happens to my voice and can no longer provide

Should I run and hide? No. hustle and survive
Workin' 9 to 5 until sweat drips into my eyes
And if it burns like the kush, then I go back to sellin' pies

Switchin' lanes in that Cutlass, rubbin' her thighs while I drive
Reminiscin' on the days I was rollin' broke
Jesus piece on the rearview, holy ghost



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