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Game lyrics : "GRAVEYARD"

welcome to the graveyard
where everybody like to pray: allahu akbar
you scared to say "god?" they call me game because i play hard

so get your helmets and your face guards
i spit holy water, lets have a face off: nicholas cage
they say the boy is off the chain like two pits in a cage

your girl say my flow the bomb like i swallow grenades
respect the rules up in this %#@! so you gotta get paid
or you gotta get spayed like windex with them twin techs

i'll raid on top of insects. ^!$$%s die $#[email protected] they family
oh, where i'm from they call that "incest"
open the bible, good book serves its purpose for shook crooks

heavenly father, i think we in heaven, be a good look
sing the hook:

in this heartless world that i live in
i have learned that i can't depend on love
it hasn't made me a saint

so i'mma take it all with me to the graveyard

the cemetery ain't as new as the saint it look

they bury ministers there right next to straight crooks
and nas told ^!$$%s they was shooting and they'd look
^!$$%s rhyme about banging, getting whooped on facebook

now put that on your wall, i put that on the wall
i shot-call and brawl quicker than jon wall
i'm killing these ^!$$%s, bought everything last year

and wasn't feeling these ^!$$%s. i mean i was numb last year
wasn't feeling you ^!$$%s. came back
to sell a few more mil on you ^!$$%s

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