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Game : can you believe it lyrics

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Game lyrics : "can you believe it"

Can you believe it?
Can you believe it?

Can you believe it? (Belee dat)
Can you believe it? (Belee dat)
Can you believe it? (Belee dat)

Can you believe it? (Belee dat)
Can you believe it? (Belee dat)
Can you believe it? (Belee dat)

Can you believe it? (Belee dat)
Can you believe it? (Belee dat)

Young Stunna, young Stunna
The way that paint drippin it's gon' be a bloody summer
22 inches, all-red everything

That's Soo Woo business, holla at ya 5
4, 3, 2, 1, (*##$ in the coppet
And my knot's sick, I'm ill

I got a milli in my louie
Red Cardinal fitted, (*##$es feel me in the Louie, yeah
Red rubies in my watch and my chain

Catch me in Wade County, I'm the king like James
Headed to the Game, Red Challenger today
Throwin' up red flags like I'm challenging the play

Tune, this %#@! [email protected]$!ed, I need a red helmet
And I'm all about my cake: red velvet
You can't help it, gotta see what I got

It's like Ripley's: Believe it or Not, you tell me

I'm a Beast, believe that
Stop playing, I go hard, I go He-Man

Young Tune, break em off like a tree branch
Play with me, you in hot water: tea bag
All-black Maybach, call it decaff

And I just ordered your girlfriend some kneepads
Can you believe the unbelievable?
(*##$, I'm higher than Venus, Serena too

Yeah, Game, holla at ya: Soo Woo
Young Money (*##$, we cold like two scoops
Life's a (*##$ and mine a diva

Point the biggest skeptic out I make 'em a believer

Yeah, belee dat, a hundred on a marble floor
And everyday we on the grind tryna flip some more
Ya understand, acres on that new land

Suicide doors ^!$$%, on that new Lamb'
P-p-p-ssy poppin' bull%#@!
Bull%#@! aint %#@! ^!$$% we the %#@!

We the business, Louie on every trip
Holiday everyday on the YM ship
Cause everyday my sun shine

Candy paint on the Harley making headlines
Belee dat
We good with this cake homie

Belee dat, we ride every day homie

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