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Game lyrics : "Big Dreams"

Cool and dre
Back on the mother$#[email protected] westside
L-A-X ^!$$%s yea

Yall know who the $#[email protected] I am

(verse 1)

Im free as a mother$#[email protected] bird I swear
Disappear in thin air, there go game ^!$$% where?
Posted on the block in them black airs

And that all black phantom hug the block like a bear
Yea, that v12 is roarin
Flyin through the city with the pedal to the floor then

I put them 26 inches on the curb, tell the hood im back
Get me a corner let me serve, swerve
Im still dope thats my word

All I did was switch the kitchens and some track on the birds
Gotti know im a murderer

Half these ^!$$%s beefin wit me I never heard of them
If I was the old me, I would murder them
Matter fact if I was the old me I would curtis them

Courtesy of my smith & wesson
I kill tracks like aids ^!$$% get infected

The whole world been waitin on em (here I come)
Drop top phantom upstatin on em

Look around all the (*##$ ^!$$%s hatin on em
Mad cuz im chronic 2008in on em
Big cars big wheels big chains, big pimpin big money big dreams

Dreams dreams, big dreams, dreams dreams, big dreams, dreams

(verse 2)

I get money like junior mafia used to
On my way to school 10 thousand in my fubu

Lunch time I was sellin behind the bungalos
Baggin up rocks the size of melons
Thats when the fiends start tellin u can catch em on the couch everyday at 4 o'clock like ellen

Prime time ^!$$%, its my time ^!$$%
Jacob aint got %#@! to do wit my shine ^!$$%
Cuz when the sun come up, from behind the sea(c)

^!$$%s see me behind the b
Ent dont stand for entertainment
Stand for 0 to 60 anybody see where game went

To the hood, pump crooked behind that chain fence
And im goin down behind my dogs but I aint vick
Tell me one album I put out that aint sick

No im not the doctor but I produce the same %#@!


Young j what it do ^!$$%
I done rocked enough fellas to be you ^!$$%

I got the 40-40 they my two jiggas
I make you holla holla at ja rule ^!$$%s
The lions in the room, what up fat joe?

Im curtis kryptonite and the ^!$$% joey crack know
Whoever said the game over mustve had a hangover
Getin money my driveway sponsored by range rover

I got blood diamonds straight outta ????
Wave my red rag in the air signal lil wayne over
Yeah, thats when the cris start poppin

The pills start droppin, and the haters start watchin
The dj start spinnin, the panties get to droppin
For album number 3 goin platinums not an option

Im back wit cool and dre
Aka the monsters
And I got one word for u mother$#[email protected] COMPTON


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