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Game lyrics : "BASIC BITCH"

[verse 1:]
all you (*##$es is nicki minaj sons
so get her a trash bag so she can pick up her ones

she bend down i see her tracks
i make it rain she throw it back
and all this money keep me and #[email protected], no kat stacks

but i got racks on racks on racks
pool side at the w, take a puff and relax
it's that millionaire lifestyle, audemar iced out

order more spades then hit 'em with that lifestyle
but these fakes hoes won't leave me alone
fake bag, fake $$# and she beggin' for patron

my credit making good, my money need a loan
and them heels you got on, pound sign

basic (*##$
i got a (*##$ with me, she got a (*##$ with her

and i ain't talkin' 'bout no basic (*##$
beyoncé, laced front on
who you trying to front on? and stunt on?

you just a basic (*##$, she got a fake louie
fake (?), fake booty
so she a basic (*##$

at the club all weekend, she trying to get rich
but all i got is this dick for a basic (*##$

[verse 2:]
so knock it off with your knock-off
you give head to any ^!$$% riding with his top off

you the type i'd knock off, forget i ever met you
block you on twitter, never bbm or text you
lookin' for the next you, i just wanted to sex you

hit you on the d-low, i'm cee-lo, f you
cause everytime i'm up in the club looking for hoes
everything look good off a couple bottles of rose

down low with your swag, stuntin' off of your toes
and paintin' a mental picture of you without all your clothes
have you ever $#[email protected] a millionaire in the back on a rose?

with amber rose? i ain't talking 'bout no


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