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GALLOWS lyrics : "just because you sleep next to me doesn't mean you're safe"

Pour some petrol
Through your letter box
Put all my memories

In an envelope
Then set it on fire
Then send it straight to you

When you get it
The least you could do
Is choke on the smoke

And let me breathe again
I know I never want to f**king see you again

I watched you burning
With the keys in my hand
You were screaming 'f**king let me go'

As you were turning black

The crowd go wild
And they signal applause
Well done for getting this far

Don't expect an encore when you
Choke on the smoke
Let me breathe again

Because I know I never want to f**king see you again

Goodnight sweetheart

Can you hear what I say?
I broke both your legs
You broke my heart today

You're lying in this bed
With your eyes tight shut
I'm lying next to you

Thank god I just woke up

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