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Galactic Cowboys lyrics : "Life And Times"

Everyone makes choices
But I can't say which is right
And everyone makes promises

And only meant to lie
And I don't know what to do
And I don't know just what to say anymore

This is my life and times.

Lying down in darkness

With my ear against the door
I closed my eyes and caught
A fleeting glimpse and wanted more

Of the life that struck my soul
With feelings too great to ignore
But this is my life and times.

The seconds turn to days
And now I'm older

And I know it's time for me to start anew.
But I buckle from the weight
That's on my shoulders

And I need someone to help me through.

Daddy couldn't speak to me

Before he ceased to live
Although he held his hands to me
My eyes could not forgive

All the pain that they had seen
And hoped my mind would not relive
But this is my life and times.

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