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GAL & SHAYAN lyrics : "Grenada Grind"

We grind hard and we play harder
Stackin' hundred EC dollars

Third World problems, ya we got some
No complaints just high yield step one
We grind hard and we play harder

Shootin down all of these gunnaz
Drinkin Red Bull, we be Monster
Pissin coffee, call em doctors

-Verse 1-
One way ticket, no fun in the sun

2 year prep for the boards, Step 1
Funds hella low, you can check my student loans
You can call me New York bagel the way I'm needing dough

I traded in micro for the microphone
Ladies wanna learn about my worm, helminthes, schistosomes
Steth on my neck, White coat freshly pressed

My flow's a tricyclic if you're clinically depressed
Dodgy Dock Wednesday chillin' in my boat shoes,
Facebook event about your midterm booze cruise

Making up mnemonics, just to memorize mnemonics
We about to blow up, cuz our flow is hypotonic
Slept in, missed class, double time on Sonic

Banana's induced metabolic alkalosis when I vomit
Waited for an hour to get the Sub of the Day
But back to Lower Taylor, trying to get Straight A's


-Verse 2-
So they say my flow was getting rusty, had to come back
Spit my sputum on these hemosiderin laden tracks

All day and All night crammin up in Taylor
Baskin' in Robbins, not 31 flavors
Unity Ballin' and my swag is tip top

Ray bans, cargo shorts, tank top and flip flops
Glovers barbeque chicken 22 EC's
Now my wallet's suffering from that Minimal Change Disease

These 5th termers with stage 1 Melanoma
I didn't go to class, but I clicked in to Pathoma
Saturday, Karaoke Owl's was a hoot

Grenada's heat got me sweatin, Prostaglandin E2
She dig my bedside manner, but got clubbing of her cuticles
I'm pushing pharmaceuticals in a Founder's cubicle

Is it CPD? or Gentleman's Quarterly?
But most importantly, guide yourself accordingly.

(Chorus x3)

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