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G-Unit lyrics : "True Loyalty"

INTRO50 centUh, Yea, I Like the way this feel right here. Yo, turn me up in the headphones a little bit. Yea.50 Cent and (Lloyd Banks):Yo ain't %#@! in this world deeper than loyalty and love,(Except loyalty and love between thugs.)For you I pull up in the whip, and spary the whole strip(For you I'll walk up close, and lay a ^!$$% kin.)For you there ain't a damn thing I won't do. I'm a thug, this the way i show my love for you.(^!$$%, For you, get the [email protected]%!e, I'ma turn it into cash)For you, if we go broke we gon' rob a ^!$$% $$#.(For you, if we get knocked I'ma have to take the weight, cause with a record like your's dog you aint stay upstate.)^!$$%, For you, I'll kill a whole god damn crew. Why? Cause I knew you'd do the same thing too.HaHa I ride, you ride for me, my enemies your enemies, How could you not love a thug like me?CHORUS:50 cent and (Lloyd Banks)Would you ride for me? (You ain't even got to ask.)Would you die for me? (^!$$%, they blast you they blast me.)Would you cry for me? (%#@!, when I die don't cry for me. Just kep reppin southside for me.)^!$$%, Would you ride for me? (You ain't even got to ask)Would you die for me? (^!$$%, they blast you they blast me.}Would you cry for me? (%#@!, when I die dont cry for me. Just keep reppin southside for me.)50 Cent and (Lloyd Banks):(^!$$%, Im the stem, you the crack,)(I'm the clip, you the gat,)(I'm the glock, you the mac,)(I'm the artist, you the track,)(I'm the pen, you the pad,)(I'm the dutch, you the bag,)(I'm the knife, you the stab,)(I'm the driver, you the jag,)I'm the ice, you the bezelI'm grimey, you ghettoI'm the bow, You the arrow,I'm the shell, you the barrel,I'm the pimp, you a playa,I'm dope, you the hustler,I'm the 9, quiet me down, you the mufflerCHORUSTony Yayo:You could catch me in public housing, with bundles of D,Or in the Santa Monica mountains bundles up to ski,Since time is money, I rhyme on the clock,And walk through the strip with a 9 in the ox,You see the ice, you know it's top notch,And when it come to dice, I'm seeing shorty to the shot box,Banks stop, guns pop, through your tanktopAnd leave you wet up like a solar range dropWhen I grind, I wear the same thing tomorrowWhen you grind, it's Showtime at the ApolloDamn near every rapper gotta hide sixteenWell my flow's like a ho that's sixteenI ran through ^!$$%s, dismantled ^!$$%sThey mad 'cause they see me in Cancun (*##$esBut I'm ghetto, straight from the 'hood my ^!$$%If there's no toothbrush I'ma use my fingerI got so many minks, and so many leathersThe crib is surrounded by animal protestersI'm a grown man, still livin' like I'm youngWith the mind of an old man, full of wisdomHere the cops come, task force vanRock so much ice, I'm called Jack Frost manAnd while we sippin' on cris', you sippin' backwash manYour team got heart, but your heart's in my handYou want sixteen bars, in song formatOr sixteen cars on your mom's doormat.. what

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