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G-Unit lyrics : "Poppin Dem Thangs"

(chorus) every hood we go through all da gangstas around know my whole crew we hold it down like we suppose to ^!$$% u can front if u want we be poppin' dem thangs 2X (50 cent) after da vmas my baby momma cussed my $$# out i kicked her $$# we back friends like puffy and steve stout cut da grass around my clique so i can see these snakes u see 'em back in da hood its cause i see they fake ill preach ur son about da paper like im Creflo Dollar ill pop u punk ^!$$%s like i pop my colla im confused i like megan,monica,and mya missy's freaky and brandy shot up now take a look on how my lifestyle changed up come on now got damn it i done came up now u can find me wit da finest hoes chosin which whip to drive by what match my clothes i got a fetish for da stones im heavy on da ice man if i aint got a pistol im be sure i got a knife fam get outta line and im lightin' ur as up semi-auto spray oughta tighten ya $$# up (chorus) (lloyd banks) slow down little ^!$$% dont exceed ur speed cause i will put G's on ur fitted like da negro league i got connects i dont need no weed i been in LA for a year now so i dont see no seeds after im done we clappin' ur crew hell yeah i $#[email protected]

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