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G-Unit lyrics : "Piano Man"

[50 Cent:]
I'm a work of art
A ghetto version of Mozart

Yeah... haha

[Chorus: 50 Cent]

I move the keys, they call me the piano man
I'm classically trained nobody do it better man
I do my thang with me and my beretta man

I got that girl you want her come and get her man

[Hook x4: 50 Cent]

Call me the piano man

[Verse 1: Tony Yayo]

Cartier glasses Cartier belt,
Cartier watch tell me time somewhere else.
Like Germany Sweden and Serbia, ^!$$% one or two birds and I'm servin ya.

I'm a ball like Julius Erving Iverson and Manning,
I got that cannon in that two door phantom.
^!$$% hundred EX %#@! suicide doors,

Get a top or low fade now the body lookin hard.
This snake $$# ^!$$%s is reptiles,
Til I shoot em up and fill em up with projectiles.

Yay' got the best styles Yay' got the best clothes,
Yay' got the best weed Yay' got the best hoes. (Yeah!)


[Hook x4]

[Verse 2: Lloyd Banks]

Fresh out the rimshot my wheels tick-tock,
My steel six shot the paint flip flop.
My charm truckie that's why they wanna $#[email protected] me,

207 McLaren body like Bucky.
Old head get rusty and I'm a can of oil,
And if hip hop do die a 100 grand'll boil.

Show up at your bougie event give your body harm,
Slide you all over the stage like Omarion.
Don't need a party calm on the pepsi and bacardi bomb,

Bail ain't nothin I make a Gotti bond.
Magician I can make a dollar flip,
Stick a whole Corona bottle in a model chick.


[Hook x4]

[Verse 3: Young Buck]

I'm richer than a muh$#[email protected] ridin in a dirty $$# phantom,
We kill undercovers down here we can't stand em.
Fill up the door panels and stuff the floor boards,

I can fit a hundred in a Honda Accord.
Blood of a drug lord brain of a baller,
Hand of a hustler I'm all about a dollar.

Everybodies a customer nobodies a friend,
Somebodies gotta do it anybody can win.
If I did it then I can do it now,

When we get em in we can ship em out.
A Gucci briefcase dressed in a suit and tie,
Cartier's you can tell that I.


[Hook x4]

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